Belly fat. It can happen to anyone, but if you’re a cubicle rat who clocks in 9 hours or so a day sitting down at a desk, it WILL happen to you.

On average, people who start a sedentary job gain 7.2kg within the first eight months alone. All the time sitting down is doing you no help, a 2013 study found that every extra 15 minutes of sedentary activity increased the waist circumference by 0.13cm and that post-work exercise made little to no difference to stop the pile-up of belly fat!

So if you’re an office worker looking to lose that belly fat in time to fit into those new clothes you bought for the festive season or just someone looking to get rid of a few extra kilos, we’ve got your back.

Win the battle of the bulge with these 5 handy tips!


1. Exercise

It’s a common understanding that exercise helps to fight off weight gain but instead of making a beeline to the treadmill every time you’re at the gym, try switching up your strategy! Skip the running and instead, try short bursts of high-intensity exercises every few hours in the office (think HIIT) to burn away that belly fat way more efficiently!


We recommend hitting the stairs for a quick sprint as a great way of fitting in some exercise every half an hour or so. A bonus perk would be the increase in mental focus and concentration you feel thanks to the endorphins!


2. Eat Plenty of Fiber

Eating your way to a flatter stomach is possible!

Research has found that fibre, the stuff your body can’t digest, is a key ally in the fight against flab. Eating just 10g of soluble fibre per day, without any extra dietary changes can help you build up less visceral fat over time.

All the good stuff in your apple.

What’s more is that forms of fibres like pectins, psyllium husk and guar gum can help decrease the appetite by thickening in water to form a gel that increases the time the body takes to digest and absorb nutrients thus prolonging feelings of satiety. So when you’re feeling peckish, try high fibre foods like oatmeal or fruits like apples.


3. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Vinegars like apple cider vinegar have been THE health fad for the longest time and rightly so. Apple Cider Vinegars have a multitude of health benefits that include lowering blood sugar levels and boosting metabolism.

A key component in Apple Cider Vinegar is Acetic Acid which helps to reduce the storage of abdominal fat. A study done on obese men found that those who took a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every day reduced their waistlines by half an inch! We recommend taking an organic and unfiltered version of the vinegar for max results. Ensure that your bottle comes with “the mother”, the colony of beneficial bacteria that turns plain ol apple cider into vinegar!


Bottom line:
Sitting around in an office all day can cause the pounds to pile up and belly fat to accumulate thanks to the dips in LPL or Lipoprotein Lipase when you’re sedentary. Move around regularly and make changes to your diet and lifestyle to fight the flab!


Kinohimitsu COF
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Suppers, buffets and the greasy goodness of fried food can take their toll on the body and waistline. Kinohimitsu COF allows you to fight the fat while eating without guilt!

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What COF does inside the body.


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