We are all capable of far more than we realise, but more often than not, we downplay our achievements, tell ourselves – “oh, that’s just luck”, and continue on the great hunt for the next validation.


What we don’t realise is while we possess a strong innate ability to constantly improve and outperform ourselves, we should be the person validating our actions and achievements, and to give ourselves a pat on the shoulder for how far we have come.


Time to halt the act of self sabotage and embrace self love with these three simple steps:


3 Tips to Love Yourself More in 2019

#1 – Acknowledge and Embrace Your Current Self

Celebrate small wins, one at a time.


It’s easy to get caught amongst the mundane day-to-day tasks; one project done? Next.


Always looking for the next item to check on the to-do list, to go further and bigger? As humans, we are innately wired to do more to prove our worth. But you know what? You are enough – simply take a step back and review your achievements!


It need not even be restricted to work. Have you made progress to finally embark on that fitness routine? Did you have problems pulling yourself out of bed this morning, but managed to do it anyway? Well done! No amount of effort is too small, and it is incredibly important to acknowledge all your small + big wins and celebrate your achievements.


#2 – Value Your Priorities & Set Boundaries

Do you ever find yourself stuck in circles, marching in someone else’s parade? Truth be told, most people will simply take as much as you are willing to give, be it at work or at home, unless you introduce a boundary. There will be some who will be offended when you start implementing reasonable boundaries – because they are often the ones who would benefit, if you don’t.


Setting boundaries takes a whole lot of courage. It signifies the start of standing up for your time and effort; to tune in with your feelings and give yourself the permission to understand your limits.


Want to spend more time with your family?


Get to work and get off work on time, make it a habit to make the most out of your working hours and spend quality time with your family beyond that.


Want to improve your health?


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Tune in with your values and determine what your priorities are.


#3 – Choose People Who Choose You

Whom you surround yourself with matters. They have the ability to elevate you and make you a better person, or they can tear you apart and destroy you.


So, surround yourself with loving, supportive people. Those who inspires you to be a better person, encourages you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, and pick you up when you fall. These are YOUR people.


You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.


Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.


Bonus Tip:

While it may not be wise to splurge your entire life-savings on a lavish spa retreat or binge on your favourite greasy pizza every single day for a year, you should still find ways to treat yourself! And hey, you do not need any special occasion or explicit reasons to initiate that treat, because you know you have worked hard. We all know life is not always smooth sailing, so if you are feeling stuck and need that lovely bouquet of flowers to cheer yourself up – go get them!


You deserve nice things; celebrate you!