Feeling bogged down lately by the demands of life? Let it go with these uplifting yoga movements that’ll help improve your mood and promote cleansing and circulation.

The best part? These detoxifying moves are easy to do from the comfort of your desk for a quick mid-day perk up!

More than a just a health and fitness fad, studies have found that yoga can help to “suggests yoga can increase body awareness or attention to the sensations and things going on inside you.”

Other studies have found that mind-body therapies such as yoga can help reduce inflammation, a byproduct of toxins, an unhealthy diet and stress that can hamper your immune system and increase the risk of chronic diseases.


Pose #1: Crescent Lunge Forward Bend

and press the extended back foot towards the ground. Your hips should be squared with the pelvis tucked under to protect your lower back.

Lift your arms and bend forward to lengthen the spine while your lower body stays static. The Crescent Lunge Forward Bend helps with:

  1. Promoting stability in the front and back of the torso.
  2. Lower body toning
  3. Improving circulation and digestion

For extra stability, keep your gaze down and lower your back knee to the ground.


Pose #2: The Bound Revolved Chair

The Bound Revolved Chair pose aids in detoxifying both your body and mind through movements that stimulate digestion and circulation. It offers a multitude of benefits such as:

  1. Increased flexibility in your shoulders, spine and back
  2. Better balance
  3. Improved digestion (bye bye bloating!)
  4. Opens the upper back and chest
  5. Strengthens the hip, glutes and legs

Sink down into a chair pose and twist your torso to the side while threading your lower arm between your legs to reach your opposite arm. Look towards the sky to lengthen your back and hold the pose for 5 breaths or more and repeat on the other side.

For the advanced yogi, challenge yourself and lift your heels off the ground for a deeper and more detoxifying stretch.