Quality Over Quantity
As Singaporeans, we sure do complain a whole lot about life in Singapore.  But when we have to, we grudgingly admit it, we love Singapore. It’s not just the food or the (cough, cough) world class transport system but rather, the little things like:

Our multicultural and multiracial society:

A pretty cliche reason but as Singaporeans, we enjoy a level of peace and harmony between communities that is rarely found elsewhere in the world.


Long live Singlish! Even after numerous government efforts to stamp out the use of Singlish, our ubiquitous slang has endured. 19 Singlish words have even earned a spot in the Oxford English Dictionary, can compare anot?

Easily identifiable countrymen:

Fellow Singaporeans are real easy to identify when overseas, just listen closely.

Hawker Centres

Michelin Starred dining spots have got nothing on our beloved hawker centres. Even American chef, Anthony Bourdain agrees, having set up his own centre in New York City.

Kopi Culture:

Starbucks will never hit the spot like a good Kopi. Add on some kaya toast with half-boiled eggs and we’re set.

Everyone’s family:

Every older man or lady is uncle or aunty.


PIE, TPE, CTE, PAP, WP, CPF, HDB, BTO, NS and MRT. Foreigners must think we speak in code all the time.

We chope:

The iconic tissue packet on the table, we hate it, we love it and we’re divided by it. But yet we understand the meaning – this seat’s taken.

Our proximity to the equator:

Sure, we complain about the weather all the time. But our pretty constant temperatures give us no worry about drastic changes in temperatures – apart from stepping into air-conditioned rooms.

Changi Airport:

The best airport in the world! We know it’s home every time we step into the doors of Changi Airport after being away on a long trip

Chilli Crab:

Possibly the greatest creation of the nation. Sweet and savoury crabs, finished off with a super shiok fried bun, do we need to say more?

Clean Restrooms:

We have the Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS) to thank for that.

More (clean) toilet business:

Did you know that failing to flush your toilet after usage is a crime here?

We're a City That Never Sleeps:

24-hour prata places, dim sum spots, shopping and entertainment hubs, we’ve got something for insomniacs everywhere.

We're Natural Disaster-Free:

Thank you Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Cheap Michelin starred dining:

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Smith Street serves one of the world’s cheapest Michelin starred dining experiences in the world!


Where else in the world can you feel as safe walking down a dark street at 3 am in the morning?


Hooray for self-reliance!

We’ve gone from third world to first

And in just one generation!

We celebrate everyone’s holidays:

Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and more, we celebrate it all.

Lush greenery:

Giving us a break from all the buildings and skyscrapers everywhere.

Clean and well-maintained streets:

We’ve never been so thankful for Singaporean streets until we’ve travelled abroad and got gunk stuck under our shoes on tripped on potholed sidewalks.

We have smooth traffic most of the time:

With the exception of rush hour, we have pretty smooth traffic on our roads.

We’re (mostly) multilingual and bilingual:

Studies have shown that bilingualism promotes a more agile and flexible mind. Good hor? Also, where else would you see a street sign with 4 languages on it?

The Merlion:

Which other country has a mascot as cool as us?

We’re one of the most business-friendly places around the world:

Entrepreneurs of the world take note!

We’re very happening:

The Singapore Food Festival, Singapore International Festival of the Arts, Singapore Night Festival and more, we have no room to be bored.

Our Internet speeds:

With one of the world’s fastest internet speeds we stream, upload and download content in a jiffy.

We’re good at math:

Heard of Singapore math?

We’re not just an island:

We’re actually made out of 63 different islands, bet you didn’t know that!

Great public transport:

Our buses are always reliable and the MRTs are great….when they’re not breaking down.

Our Size

We’re thankful that a journey from one end of Singapore to the other takes only about two hours or less.

We have tradition coexisting with the modern:

Pre-shophouses sitting beside swanky new condominiums or converted and conserved heritage buildings, culture buffs, take note.

We are only 1 of 3 city states in the world:

The other two are Monaco and the Vatican.

We have a larger variety of tree species than North America:

In just a 1-hectare spot at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The Singapore Night Safari:

It’s the world’s very first night zoo!

Our (slightly) inaccurate time zone:

We’ve changed our official time zone six different times since 1905! Our current time zone (GMT+8) was chosen to be in sync with Malaysia, but accurately it should be GMT+7.5!

We make history:

In 2008, we had the first night race in the history of the F1 Grand Prix.

We have a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

At 158 years old, the Botanic Gardens is the only tropical garden UNESCO site.

The world’s largest collection of Orchids is found here:

The Botanic Gardens have over 1000 species and more than 2,000 hybrid orchids.

We’re a fine city:

As controversial as this is, most of the ridiculous fines in our city are pretty endearing and they nearly never get enforced.

We have no carbon monoxide in our meat:

Here, meat is not treated with carbon monoxide, an additive used to make meat appear fresher in some countries.

Good Healthcare:

We can always count on top-notch and affordable health care whenever we need it. (Thank you Medisave!)

Singaporean Cinema:

Royston Tan, Boo Junfeng and Anthony Chen are just some Singaporean filmmakers making waves abroad with their art.

Quality education:

High-quality education at relatively low costs, we’re thankful for that.

Religious freedom:

No need to worry about getting beat up by an angry mob for our religious views.

We’re a nation of foodies:

We’re never short of good food all around the country, shiok.

We’re becoming more cyclist friendly:

With the entrance of bike-sharing firms like ofo and mobike, we’re slowly but surely turning into a more cyclist friendly state.

Queue Culture:

We queue up for everything, but doing so just means we’re organised.

The National Stadium:

It’s the largest dome structure in the world!

Local Talent:

The Sam Willows, Razer, Ong Shunmugam, Charles and Keith are just a few of the many Singaporean bands and brands that we’re proud of.

Our campaigns:

The Speak Good English Movement, Singapore Kindness Movement and the Keep Singapore Clean Campaign, so many campaigns, where got time?

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