March 17, 2020


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3 Tips to Love Yourself More in 2020

We are all capable of far more than we realise, but more often than not, we downplay our achievements, tell ourselves - “oh, that's just luck”, and continue on the great hunt for the next validation.


What we don’t realise is while we possess a strong innate ability to constantly improve and outperform ourselves, we should be the person validating our actions and achievements, and to give ourselves a pat on the shoulder for how far we have come.


Time to halt the act of self sabotage and embrace self love with these three simple steps:


3 Tips to Love Yourself More in 2019

#1 - Acknowledge and Embrace Your Current Self



Celebrate small wins, one at a time.


It's easy to get caught amongst the mundane day-to-day tasks; one project done? Next.


Always looking for the next item to check on the to-do list, to go further and bigger? As humans, we are innately wired to do more to prove our worth. But you know what? You are enough - simply take a step back and review your achievements!


It need not even be restricted to work. Have you made progress to finally embark on that fitness routine? Did you have problems pulling yourself out of bed this morning, but managed to do it anyway? Well done! No amount of effort is too small, and it is incredibly important to acknowledge all your small + big wins and celebrate your achievements.


#2 - Value Your Priorities & Set Boundaries

Do you ever find yourself stuck in circles, marching in someone else’s parade? Truth be told, most people will simply take as much as you are willing to give, be it at work or at home, unless you introduce a boundary. There will be some who will be offended when you start implementing reasonable boundaries - because they are often the ones who would benefit, if you don’t.


Setting boundaries takes a whole lot of courage. It signifies the start of standing up for your time and effort; to tune in with your feelings and give yourself the permission to understand your limits.


Want to spend more time with your family?


Get to work and get off work on time, make it a habit to make the most out of your working hours and spend quality time with your family beyond that.


Want to improve your health?


Achieve enhanced sleep quality and a good night’s rest with Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite. With thoughtful ingredients such as manuka honey and GABA extract, be sure to wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer a brand new day!


Tune in with your values and determine what your priorities are.


#3 - Choose People Who Choose You

Whom you surround yourself with matters. They have the ability to elevate you and make you a better person, or they can tear you apart and destroy you.


So, surround yourself with loving, supportive people. Those who inspires you to be a better person, encourages you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, and pick you up when you fall. These are YOUR people.


You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.


Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.


Bonus Tip:

While it may not be wise to splurge your entire life-savings on a lavish spa retreat or binge on your favourite greasy pizza every single day for a year, you should still find ways to treat yourself! And hey, you do not need any special occasion or explicit reasons to initiate that treat, because you know you have worked hard. We all know life is not always smooth sailing, so if you are feeling stuck and need that lovely bouquet of flowers to cheer yourself up - go get them!


You deserve nice things; celebrate you!

March 05, 2020


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Collagen 101: How Collagen is Beneficial to Your Skin

Collagen [κόλλα, kolla] was derived from Greek, which means glue.

The quest to obtain the secret to formulate skin enhancing and anti-aging elixir has been evident even in the ancient times, where unorthodox items/methods such as blood pudding and tapeworm diet has been tried by countless in the pursuit of beauty.

Now, in the modern era, maintaining your youth and beauty no longer has to be gory and challenging; find out how easy Kinohimitsu’s collagen range can help you achieve your #beautygoals!

What is collagen and why is it important?

The word "collagen" was derived from Greek [κόλλα, kolla], which means - glue. Which leaves no room for surprises that they are mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and skin. Ample collagen allows us to maintain a youthful outlook, obtain healthy hair and nails, enhances joint lubrication and upkeep healthy muscle mass.


What causes collagen loss and what happens to our body?


Collagen production decreases with age, leading to fine lines, sagging skin and pigmentations

Our body’s ability to produce collagen decreases as we age, but that is not the sole factor. External environment factors such as frequent sun exposure and smoking accelerates collagen loss as well. Rapid collagen loss will result in fine lines, wrinkles, brittle nails, hair loss and reduced muscle mass will also result in sagging.


The 5,300 magic


Achieve flawless and luminous skin from within.

At Kinohimitsu, we partner the art of science with our array of products to deliver visible results. Our bodies require approximately 5,300mg of collagen daily, which any excess will be converted into fats. Kinohimitsu’s patented peptide technology allows our body to fully absorb the wonderful collagen particles - achieving its highest potential to nourish your skin, hair, nails and joints.

Still unsure what Kinohimitsu’s collagen range is capable of?

Celebrate the movement to #loveyourself with Kinohimitsu this April! From interactive stations and enriching masterclasses to awesome deals and pampering VIP events, be sure to always be the best version of yourself!


Click here for more information on Kinohimitsu Collagen Day.

March 02, 2020


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Celebrating You!


Here’s to the night owls, the early risers, the stubborn, the misfits, the rebels, the heartbreaks, the judgements, the lessons, the heaviness and the whatnots.


Beyond that, you have the ability to shake things up and choose alternatives. You have the right to choose feelings over disconnection, freedom over perfection. You are unrepeatable - there’s a magic about you that is all your own.


So, here’s to the new beginnings.


Give yourself the gift of time

Focus on things that energise your soul, because your health, wellbeing and happiness matters. Provide yourself a chance to pursue a hobby that gives you the adrenaline rush. Hit the gym, pump those muscles and see the amazing outcome from your perseverance. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?


Say yes to new adventures

We have all been guilty of staying within our comfort zone to adhere to the usual comfortable routine, pondering over the what-ifs and dreaming about our next escapade. We scroll an endless feed of social media, gushing over their limitless life with great fun and passion, only to find ourselves stuck in the abyss of nothingness.


Why not be an adventurer and start a new journey of fearless pursuits?


Embark on adventures - start exploring beyond your usual realm of scope! Read a new book, visit places you’ve always wanted to or pick up a new cuisine - you’ll surprise yourself!


Find your source of fire that awakens you.


Nourish your body with the TLC it needs

“I will get that overdue health check when I get my increment”, “Do I look bad in this outfit?”, “I don’t have time to rest, I need to really find time to finish up my to-do list”.


Have you been putting off the ache that creeps in once in awhile or ignoring that negative voice in your mind? Need that long-awaited massage or that cell rejuvenating powerup? Go get it! Your body is a sacred temple to upkeep; you do not need to wait for a special occasion or anyone’s permission to treat your body right.


In 2019, we hope you blaze a new trail - to look at things from a fresh perspective, to step out of your comfort zone, to learn a new skill, adapt a new hobby, and to start treating your body right by nourishing it with proper nutrients.


You are limitless, and your life should be lived as so.


We hope you choose courage, over comfort.



August 07, 2019

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Master the Art of Detox

Are you constantly feeling bloated, lethargic and constipated? Or are you subjected to poor skin condition, overweight issues and bad breath?

Inevitable factors such as pollution, second hand smoke, lousy eating habits, chemicals in processed food and stress among others cause toxin build-up within the human body. Even though the body goes through a natural process of detoxification daily, the process does not completely remove all toxin traces. Uneliminated toxins that accumulate within our bodies make our organs work doubly hard, ultimately affecting our overall health.

Enhancing your body’s detoxification process is the key to jump-start your system to start experiencing a more energised, radiant and healthier life!


Benefits of Detox:

  1. Enhances digestion and results in a reduction in stomach bloating caused by junk food and irregular meals
  2. Helps regulate and encourage healthy bowel movements and removes constipation 
  3. May potentially lead to organic weight loss
  4. Helps overcome lethargy and fatigue
  5. Reduction in the risk of gallstones and cardiovascular disease

Enhancing the detoxification process helps increase energy levels, improves your mood and sleep quality, boosts emotional and mental clarity, allows you to control weight gain factors such as sugar cravings and promotes glowing skin.

Embark on your detox journey today with Kinohimitsu here!

June 17, 2019

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Empowered to Live Free

Our parents have taken care of us in immeasurable ways often sacrificing their own wants, without asking for much in return. Their nagging words and strict ways can sometimes be interpreted as unkind but truly, they come from a place of unconditional love.

Raising us to be the capable people we are today certainly could not have been an easy task. Potty training in itself is a formidable task in its own right, let alone the other duties that come with the territory of parenthood.

So how can we give all of this back to them? We can’t. We can, however, empower them to live free with good health and a light heart through heaps of love and appreciation. It is important for them to know that they matter to us, especially when it’s way too easy to take them for granted in our busy life filled with the lot of commitments and stress.

“Thank you” is a good place to start, but we can go beyond that to show our thanks with simple acts of love that will not only strengthen our bond but also foster good mind and emotional health, which translate to a strong, positive way of life so Mom and Dad can continue to break their own boundaries and be the best version of themselves.


Eat Together and Make it Indulgent

Take time out to eat with them and spare no efforts to make it indulgent. Pamper them with all their favourites, for food is the route to bliss. Sitting down together for a meal brings the family together and creates an environment for conversation to flow. While engaging in a delicious activity, you also get to share your day-to-day with Mom and Dad and keep them involved so they don’t feel like they are standing on the side lines of your life, especially when they were once the main event.

If calories pose a concern at any of these makan mania, Kinohimitsu’s COF weight management system will aptly combat that with its sophisticated, patented technology that aids to reduce fat absorption by binding to fat molecules and eliminating them from the body. Mom and Dad can, therefore, let go of the reins and enjoy gastronomy indulgences to their hearts’ content with minimum worry and guilt.


Take Part in Their Hobbies

Nothing says you care and are interested in their life like making the effort to do something they like with them. Join their weekly tai chi in the park or play mah-jong with their kakis, or simply watch their favourite serial with them.
Being a part of their past time gets you involved in their life and makes them feel important to you. Plus, it’s also a good way for them to show you off to their friends! A good spirit accompanied with good health creates opportunities to embrace life to the fullest.

You can also ensure that Mom and Dad continue to live a life of inspiration doing the things they love with our variety of botanical nourishment tasked to improve well-being by reinforcing immunity, alleviating pain and increasing energy:
Bio-Booster, JointPro360, Health Pad, Sky Grass



“How Are You?”

Ask them how they are doing. Parents don’t wish to bother us with their worries or ailments and may think it too frivolous to reveal the challenges they face in life. Making time to talk with them and asking them how they are coping is a good way to stay connected and make sure the relationship with Mom and Dad stays strong.

The occasional heart-to-heart facilitates sharing and allows both you and your parents to open up to one another. It keeps you close and always a part of each other’s lives.


I Just Called to Say “I Love You”

Every parent is bound to miss their children even if they don’t say it. A five-minute call to discuss even the most mundane of things like what you ate for lunch makes them feel happy that you thought of them in your busy day. Parenthood can be a challenging journey, frightful even, especially when the time comes to release you into the gnarly clutches of the world.

Trust us, the worrying never stops – whether you are eating well; whether you are driving safe; whether their grand-kids are back from school. It never stops. Calling them daily assures them that everything is OK and you are well. It’s also a chance for you to check up on them and how their day is going.


Take Care of Their Health

Be vigilant about their physical, mental and emotional conditions. The ravages of aging can sneak up on any one of us. Nipping it in the bud is better than having to overcome a full-blown bout. Kinohimitsu’s range of supplements embody a life of wellness with thoughtfully curated healing miracles from nature to treat conditions while also labouring to safeguard against them.

Game On!

Fun is a tried and tested way to bond with people. Get the tradition of game night started with your folks if you don’t already have one. Watching TV has its own joys but it can also limit mental stimulation and drive the mind to dulled depths.

Playing games with your parents creates an occasion to let loose and have a few laughs while encouraging the mind to stay sharp. You can opt for more traditional games which your parents are familiar with – charades; board games like Monopoly or Clue; card games like Uno, Go Fish or Snap; or kick things up a notch with more in-the-now phone guessing games like Heads Up. Whatever the choice, it’s certain to bring everyone together in heaps of laughter and lively, beneficial energy.

Kinohimitsu too can lend a hand to improve mental health with our Be Sharp range, which facilitates better memory recall and concentration while doubling as a stress alleviator. Best watch out because Mom and Dad just might prove to be tough competition the next game night.

June 14, 2019


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Fun with Dad on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day! Needless to say, many of us are cracking our aspiring brains to come up with creative ideas the perfect gift to plan the perfect day Dad will remember for years to come.

Not to worry, Kinohimitsu to the rescue!

We go back to basics on this one with a sprinkling of new as we thoughtfully put together a list of simple, yet meaningful and wellness-inspiring activities that promote good health on all tiers of the mind, body and soul as you bond with Dad and show him how much he is loved and appreciated for being such a great Dad! After all, the simplest moments can be some of the most enjoyable and memorable ones.


The Great Outdoors

Get Dad out into nature for some fresh air and a chance to stretch his legs and get that circulation going. After days of being stuck indoors in an office or commuting between work and home, some time out in the greenery will be a welcome treat and revival.

Get your walking shoes on and explore one of Singapore’s many nature trails with Dad to fill your heads with everything green, fresh and natural. Taking a walk with someone creates an opportune time to talk, share and bond over conversation, while the peaceful, natural surroundings re-generates your entire person and put you in a refreshed state of mind.


Fly a Kite, Lift the Spirit

Kite-flying is a boyhood hobby that never gets old. It’s a fun activity to do together — go ahead and learn all the old-school tricks Dad has up his sleeves! While being a great way to share some hearty laughs on all the “lift-off mishaps”, it’s also a perfect opportunity for Dad to reminisce the freedom of his childhood and smile from ear-to-ear. Out in the open field with the caress of the breeze, spirits take flight as a beautiful moment is created and is a memory made. To take the adventure to the next level, you could even make your very own kites and let Dad teach you the craft of his boyhood pastime while enjoying an extraordinary day together.


Sun, Sand and Seashells

The splash of cooling waves on one’s ankles never tires. What better way to spend the day than with a picnic at the beach and a walk along the seashore to collect seashells after? The beach is therapeutic to the heart, mind, body and soul. Feeling the soft sand beneath your feet while listening to the sound of the gentle, lapping waves can do wonders to re-align disarrayed nerves as well as relax tense muscles. Now, who would say no to that?

It is also a good time to get personal with Dad and catch up on missed conversations and devote some personal attention to him and the on-goings in his life. The cleansing energy of the sea will set the mood in a good vibe and allow Dad to relinquish the tensions of day-to-day. Plus, the thrill of picking sea-shells sends you home with beautiful mementos that can be displayed in your home to remind you of that special day with Dad. Better yet, capture that day with a wefie and present it to Dad in a frame decorated with the very shells the two of you picked together. It may be a simple gift, but it will hold a whole lot of meaning to Dad as he remembers the day with fondness.


At Work On A Terrarium

If Dad has a soft spot for plants and loves tending to his pots of glory at home, he will love this. Take him out to the florist to pick up some small plants such as colourful cacti or succulents, then masterfully arrange them in glass domes (or any glass vessel of your liking) atop a layer of pebbles, charcoal and soil. While he's at it and tapping into his creative side, Dad is unknowingly releasing his tension and tuning down his blood pressure to a more normal range. The psychologically therapeutic qualities of plants are no secret as they have been known to discreetly lift the mood and energy levels of people around them.

As you and Dad set about building your terrarium, you get to bond with him over a learning experience that is enriching, relaxing and promotes a higher state of well-being. At the end of it, Dad will also get a beautiful keepsake to remind him of the time you took to do something he loves with him, and that is a moment that Dad will hold dear always.


A-Museum Me

When was the last time you and Dad took a trip to the museum? This Father’s Day is a great opportunity to open up Dad’s world and show him a side of something new and something old, reminiscent of his childhood days in an innovative and chic way.

Strolling through the ancient corridors of the National Museum, you bear witness to themed exhibitions that intermingle the past, present and future for a trip of discovery and recollection that creates lasting impressions through the use of technological enhancements and artistic presentations. As Dad happily unlocks his memory recesses and indulges in reminiscing the days of yesteryear, you can share a most precious experience of walking right by his side down this memory lane.


Gifts of Love

Show you care in a conscientious way by dedicating attention to the little nuances – that wince when Dad stretches for the remote or that one-sided tilt as he reads the papers in his favourite chair. Given, Dad is no longer in mint condition having faced the compromises of time and age.

You don’t have to let him give in to the whims of aging, however, by directing some thought to his well-being and health.

For great gift ideas, explore our list of health and beauty supplements catered for Dad to celebrate the zest of life. Inspired by traditional botanical medicine the world over, these products combine nature’s best with the science of good nutrition to deliver goodness you can taste and wellness you can feel.

Dad will certainly appreciate the thought and enjoy the freedom of living his life to the fullest without the limitations of aches and pains. Plus, with our special Parent’s Day promotion, you may even get the chance to whisk both Mom and Dad off for a relaxing getaway!

June 12, 2019


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The Working Dad – A New League of Super

We have been singing the praises of working Mums with such ardour that we seem to have overlooked their better halves – the working Dads. We have been so preoccupied with upholding gender equality for women that we somewhat forget to extend that same courtesy to our handsome counterparts and commend the men who share our load, making it possible for us to let loose our own inner girl-boss.

Both men and women face equal challenges and workload in today’s lifestyle, especially as the role of father is quickly taking a sharp turn away from its sole-breadwinner convention. This June, we take the time to remember, appreciate and celebrate the Dads and husbands who give their all with their own kind of Super.


Still Dad, But On New Wheels

As more Dads step up and strive to be good partners, good parents and successful professionals in their trades, their once work-only challenges have evolved to include family challenges as well. As they take on more responsibility on the home front with housework and being actively involved in raising a family alongside Mums, their days begin to fill with new sets of demands and requisites.

Come six ‘o clock, Dads are seen joining the swarm of Mums making their dash out the door. He sprints not for happy hour, but for the student/infant care centers to collect his ward.

By seven, Dad is a sight to behold, decked out in the latest baby carrier and jostling in the MRT as he enters dinner negotiations with Mum in a frantic slew of finger taps.

At eight, he is spotted in the suburbs ushering Daisy, the pet dog, along on her evening toilet break in slippers so his smothered feet can get a much-needed breather from a day of being cooped up in business shoes.

Back home again, he continues navigating a series of chores and daily rituals before he serenades Mum with a symphony of snores by midnight.


24 Hours in a Day, Not 24 Hours of Energy

Men are seldom ones to talk, and discussing the challenges of working Dads is still often reserved for the Mums or contemplative blog writers like us. Plus, it’s hardly manly to air the woes of work-family responsibility and furious ambition, especially when the Mums barely flinch and seem to have it under control.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom between our forever-giving super Dads as they run themselves ragged trying to keep up, because we have just the care package for them to cope with the daily grind of today’s life.

Thoughtfully selected to help our beloved modern-day Daddies live life to the fullest, Kinohimitsu’s products possesses the nourishing goodness from age-old botanical medicine traditions and boast no preservatives, chemical or hormone inclusions.


1. Eyebright

Leading the list is a product to strengthen his eyes as he keeps them glued to the computer screen in his climb to success. Eyebright protects the retina and nourishes the eyes – especially good for prolonged exposure to electronic devices with its patented lutein and beta-carotene compounds.


2. Sky Grass and Bio-Booster

Next in line, Sky Grass and Bio-Booster aid in building immunity so that our dear working Dad can keep up and does not have to drop out of the race because he’s caught the flu. Adding to that, Bio-Booster’s digestive health support boosts the body’s absorption power so it can sink its teeth into all the beneficial nutrients it needs to keep the race going.


3. JointPro360 and Marine Collagen

We have given bone and joint health a good thought as well with JointPro360 and Marine Collagen, which work in tandem to improve flexibility, relieve arthritic pain and support bone health while making sure these super Dads can always put their best face forward with a healthy, glowing complexion that speaks of good health and a rich, wholesome life.

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