May 23, 2019


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Awesome Activities to Bond with Parents

We can all agree that parents easily have the toughest “job” in the world. Other than working hard to ensure that you do not go hungry, they are often our role model when it comes to life skills such as manners, useful techniques (riding a bike, learning how to swim etc.), and teaching you how to defend and survive the world out there. As we grow up gradually through the years, our parents age too; don’t you think it’s time you turn things around and start taking care of your parents?

When was the last time you did something new together?

  1. Embark on a Treasured Trip

Travelling time is one of the best moments you can bond as a family. Enjoy the sumptuous meals and breathtaking sceneries together and build unforgettable memories!

Kinohimitsu will be sending one lucky family of 4 on a 4D3N trip to two South-East Asia destinations! You’ll discover endless excitement for every kind of adventurer onboard the all-inclusive (room, cuisine, entertainment etc) cruise ship. From the daredevils to the culinary crusaders, and fun-loving families to couples on a romantic getaway, you're definitely in for a treat!

Else, if you prefer to experience a getaway in our beautiful and enchanting Singapore, we have something in mind for you too! Another lucky winner will walk away with a 3D2N Hotel & Multi-Attractions Package that includes 2 nights stay in a Resorts World Sentosa hotel, tickets to 4 attractions (Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium and more) and SGD100 ESPA Credit.

Resort World Sentosa

Sounds enticing already? More details on how you can score these exciting escapades here: !

  1. Shed Light on Each Other's Favourite Hangouts

Allow your parents to partake in activities you frequent! Love reading? Pop them by your favourite book joint and dwell in endless discussion on your favourite genre! Love cafe-hopping? Embark them on an adventure to the latest hipster cafe and challenge each other for the best food-fie before digging in!

daughter and mum at cafe

Dive deeper and encourage them to involve you in the activities they'd love too! Who'd know, you may enjoy those activities too!

Pancakes and cappuccino or kaya toast and kopi siudai? Why not both?

  1. Acquire New Skills via Workshops

If you only have a few hours to spend with your parents in a month due to other commitments, why not make that few hours count?

Kinohimitsu will be conducting Parents Day 2019 event on 22 June with exclusive personalised terrarium masterclass! Be sure to participate in creating your own trophy masterpiece and submerge yourselves in an afternoon of fun, educational and entertaining atmosphere.

ladies making terrarium

Did you know? Terrariums are often linked to having positive benefits to one's health!

Fun facts on terrariums:

- Enhance mood and encourage creativity

- Sharpen mental focus

- Encourage relaxation and reduction of stress


Each participant will also receive a surprise goodie bag filled with exciting treats and vouchers. There will be exclusive deals made available at the event as well, just for you!

More information here:

May 10, 2019


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Role of a Mother

Mother /ˈmʌðə/ - a female parent.

A mother can also hold many roles in your lives, be it at home or in the society. Every individual’s motherhood journey can be vastly different, and we have consolidated the 5 types of mothers (from friends/acquaintances) we have met thus far. Does any of the following characteristics sound familiar to you?

  1. Mrs Know It All

We present to you, at the very top of our list: Mrs Know It All. They seemed to have a solution to all questions, circumstances and situations. Often eager to provide remedy to get their child out of a sticky situation or hiccups, we can always depend on Mrs Know-it-all to solve issues for us!

  1. The Strict Mom

To the authoritative mothers, they prefer setting boundaries and rules to ensure their child treads on the safe side. She is very firm and strict with curfews and often expects their child/children to be prim and proper at all times to meet her expectations.

  1. Soft Hearted Mama

The opposite of The Strict Mom, Soft Hearted Mama are usually pushovers in front of their kids. You can spot a Soft Hearted Mama by the way her kids bosses her around just because she is unable to say no. Her greatest fear is a crying child, so she’ll do anything just to pacify her child, even if it meant giving in to unreasonable requests.


  1. Busy and Working Mom

With gender equality on the table, mothers have to juggle with more roles in and out of the family. Time is gold to them and they are always very resourceful. You can hardly see busy and working moms around, and even if they do, they will be on their laptops or mobile phones most of the time as they are constantly working on the go.


  1. The Cool Mom

Restriction is never her kind of thing. Laid back and letting the kids explore the world is what she yearns for, so you will see her children playing with dirt and exploring new terrains. She does not panic when her child spikes a fever or scrapes a knee but ensures that the kids are not in any danger.

No matter what category our moms fall within, one thing we can be sure is that their love for us is no lesser than the rest of the categories.

How important is your mother to you? Share with us what makes your mom a #superlady and stand a chance to pamper her with a $150 wellness hamper from Kinohimitsu!

More information on how to win here.

May 03, 2019


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Gift your Parents the Gift of Love

Parents’ day is just around the corner, are you fretting over how to go about celebrating Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, in hope to make them happy with luxurious and lavishing items?

While searching for the most ideal present, sometimes we might be neglecting the ones that are the most obvious.

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May 03, 2019


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The Ultimate Parent’s Day Gift Guide

Ready, set, give!

This Parent’s Day, treat your mom and dad to an array of thoughtful and health-boosting goodies they’ll definitely appreciate!

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April 08, 2019


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Celebrating You, For All That You Are.

Here’s to the night owls, the early risers, the stubborn, the misfits, the rebels, the heartbreaks, the judgements, the lessons, the heaviness and the whatnots.


Beyond that, you have the ability to shake things up and choose alternatives. You have the right to choose feelings over disconnection, freedom over perfection. You are unrepeatable - there’s a magic about you that is all your own.


So, here’s to the new beginnings.


Give yourself the gift of time

Focus on things that energise your soul, because your health, wellbeing and happiness matters. Provide yourself a chance to pursue a hobby that gives you the adrenaline rush. Hit the gym, pump those muscles and see the amazing outcome from your perseverance. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?


Say yes to new adventures

We have all been guilty of staying within our comfort zone to adhere to the usual comfortable routine, pondering over the what-ifs and dreaming about our next escapade. We scroll an endless feed of social media, gushing over their limitless life with great fun and passion, only to find ourselves stuck in the abyss of nothingness.


Why not be an adventurer and start a new journey of fearless pursuits?


Embark on adventures - start exploring beyond your usual realm of scope! Read a new book, visit places you’ve always wanted to or pick up a new cuisine - you’ll surprise yourself!


Find your source of fire that awakens you.


Nourish your body with the TLC it needs

“I will get that overdue health check when I get my increment”, “Do I look bad in this outfit?”, “I don’t have time to rest, I need to really find time to finish up my to-do list”.


Have you been putting off the ache that creeps in once in awhile or ignoring that negative voice in your mind? Need that long-awaited massage or that cell rejuvenating powerup? Go get it! Your body is a sacred temple to upkeep; you do not need to wait for a special occasion or anyone’s permission to treat your body right.


In 2019, we hope you blaze a new trail - to look at things from a fresh perspective, to step out of your comfort zone, to learn a new skill, adapt a new hobby, and to start treating your body right by nourishing it with proper nutrients.


You are limitless, and your life should be lived as so.


We hope you choose courage, over comfort.



April 03, 2019


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Collagen 101

Collagen [κόλλα, kolla] was derived from Greek, which means glue.

The quest to obtain the secret to formulate skin enhancing and anti-aging elixir has been evident even in the ancient times, where unorthodox items/methods such as blood pudding and tapeworm diet has been tried by countless in the pursuit of beauty.

Now, in the modern era, maintaining your youth and beauty no longer has to be gory and challenging; find out how easy Kinohimitsu’s collagen range can help you achieve your #beautygoals!

What is collagen and why is it important?

The word "collagen" was derived from Greek [κόλλα, kolla], which means - glue. Which leaves no room for surprises that they are mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and skin. Ample collagen allows us to maintain a youthful outlook, obtain healthy hair and nails, enhances joint lubrication and upkeep healthy muscle mass.


What causes collagen loss and what happens to our body?


Collagen production decreases with age, leading to fine lines, sagging skin and pigmentations

Our body’s ability to produce collagen decreases as we age, but that is not the sole factor. External environment factors such as frequent sun exposure and smoking accelerates collagen loss as well. Rapid collagen loss will result in fine lines, wrinkles, brittle nails, hair loss and reduced muscle mass will also result in sagging.


The 5,300 magic


Achieve flawless and luminous skin from within.

At Kinohimitsu, we partner the art of science with our array of products to deliver visible results. Our bodies require approximately 5,300mg of collagen daily, which any excess will be converted into fats. Kinohimitsu’s patented peptide technology allows our body to fully absorb the wonderful collagen particles - achieving its highest potential to nourish your skin, hair, nails and joints.

Still unsure what Kinohimitsu’s collagen range is capable of?

Celebrate the movement to #loveyourself with Kinohimitsu this April! From interactive stations and enriching masterclasses to awesome deals and pampering VIP events, be sure to always be the best version of yourself!


More information on Kinohimitsu Collagen Day here.

March 29, 2019


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The Notion of Self Love - 3 Tips to Love Yourself More in 2019

We are all capable of far more than we realise, but more often than not, we downplay our achievements, tell ourselves - “oh, that's just luck”, and continue on the great hunt for the next validation.


What we don’t realise is while we possess a strong innate ability to constantly improve and outperform ourselves, we should be the person validating our actions and achievements, and to give ourselves a pat on the shoulder for how far we have come.


Time to halt the act of self sabotage and embrace self love with these three simple steps:


3 Tips to Love Yourself More in 2019

#1 - Acknowledge and Embrace Your Current Self



Celebrate small wins, one at a time.


It's easy to get caught amongst the mundane day-to-day tasks; one project done? Next.


Always looking for the next item to check on the to-do list, to go further and bigger? As humans, we are innately wired to do more to prove our worth. But you know what? You are enough - simply take a step back and review your achievements!


It need not even be restricted to work. Have you made progress to finally embark on that fitness routine? Did you have problems pulling yourself out of bed this morning, but managed to do it anyway? Well done! No amount of effort is too small, and it is incredibly important to acknowledge all your small + big wins and celebrate your achievements.


#2 - Value Your Priorities & Set Boundaries

Do you ever find yourself stuck in circles, marching in someone else’s parade? Truth be told, most people will simply take as much as you are willing to give, be it at work or at home, unless you introduce a boundary. There will be some who will be offended when you start implementing reasonable boundaries - because they are often the ones who would benefit, if you don’t.


Setting boundaries takes a whole lot of courage. It signifies the start of standing up for your time and effort; to tune in with your feelings and give yourself the permission to understand your limits.


Want to spend more time with your family?


Get to work and get off work on time, make it a habit to make the most out of your working hours and spend quality time with your family beyond that.


Want to improve your health?


Achieve enhanced sleep quality and a good night’s rest with Kinohimitsu Diamond Nite. With thoughtful ingredients such as manuka honey and GABA extract, be sure to wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer a brand new day!


Tune in with your values and determine what your priorities are.


#3 - Choose People Who Choose You

Whom you surround yourself with matters. They have the ability to elevate you and make you a better person, or they can tear you apart and destroy you.


So, surround yourself with loving, supportive people. Those who inspires you to be a better person, encourages you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, and pick you up when you fall. These are YOUR people.


You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.


Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.


Bonus Tip:

While it may not be wise to splurge your entire life-savings on a lavish spa retreat or binge on your favourite greasy pizza every single day for a year, you should still find ways to treat yourself! And hey, you do not need any special occasion or explicit reasons to initiate that treat, because you know you have worked hard. We all know life is not always smooth sailing, so if you are feeling stuck and need that lovely bouquet of flowers to cheer yourself up - go get them!


You deserve nice things; celebrate you!

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