Looking to shed those pounds? 3 Strange Diets That Work.

With a month and a half left to the festive season, many of us are looking to shed the last few extra pounds to fit into that killer, party-ready outfit we’ve got lined up. For that diet inspo, check out of these strange diets from around the world?

Chew it to lose it: The Chewing Diet

After being denied health insurance due to his weight, Horace Fletcher set out to change his life, starting from the way he ate and invented the diet fad known as “Fletcherising”.Propagated on the belief that  "Nature will castigate those who don't masticate”,  the Fletcherising method entails the rigorous chewing (32 times to be exact) and spitting of the food remains, ensuring that one cuts down the calories consumed while getting the tasty flavours and juices from food.


While we don’t advocate the bad eating habits and waste that the diet promotes, a mastication habit could be useful for certain foods such as potato chips and the benefits of chewing have even been proven by science!

Science facts to chew on: A study done by the Harbin Medical University found that chewing can help to regulate the amount of food that we consume. Participants of the study who chewed more consumed up to 12% fewer calories compared to those that didn’t!

Magic Number 8: The 8 Hour Diet

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The 8-Hour Diet is a format of intermittent fasting where you keep your eating hours within an 8-hour window. (for example, between 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

So what’s the science behind it? The answer is in insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps your body metabolize sugar from the carbohydrates in your diet to store in muscle, fat and blood cells while aiding in stabilising your body sugar levels. When your insulin levels are up, fat burning processes in your body are halted due to the anabolic properties of insulin. So by fasting, you keep your eating hours shortened, which lowers your insulin levels to promote fat burning and weight loss.

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Not gross, but good: The Bacteria Diet

In your digestive system, there lives a colony of bacteria, the kind that helps your body process the food that you eat. The most common strain being the Lactobacillus species that helps to break down dairy products - the most common source of food sensitivities.

The other strain, Bifidobacterium, is most commonly found in the large intestine and helps to break down carbohydrates, fat and protein for easier absorption. Unfortunately, the amount of naturally occurring Bifidobacterium in our bodies decline with age.

With the bacteria diet, calorie restriction is kept to a minimum. Followers are encouraged to stay away from fatty, sugary foods and refined carbohydrate that encourage the growth of bad bacteria. And instead, keep to probiotic-rich foods such as yoghurt and kimchi. Bacteria play a huge role in regulating your metabolism, appetite and bowel movement and followers of the method have lost an average of 21 pounds (9 kilograms) over 6 months!

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Bonus tip: Drink your breakfast! 

Possibly the simplest way to cut those calories, drinking your breakfast helps to flood your body with the good stuff by drinking high-quality, nutrient-dense smoothies or shakes in the morning. You break your fast (the period of time you don't eat when you're asleep), in the best way possible for your body by not overloading your digestive system but instead, helping it rebuild and restore. 

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