February 28, 2017

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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen

If there's one step in our skincare regimen that we should NEVER miss, it'd have to be sunscreen. Read below to find out why. 


1) Prevent Skin Cancer

The number 1 reason - skin cancer! Excessive amount of UV rays can lead to various types of skin cancer especially melanoma which can be life threatening for women who are in their 20s. Applying sunscreen helps to form a shield for your skin, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Further more, studies have proven that applying sunscreen helps to decrease the development of skin cancer.


2) Prevent facial pigmentations and skin discolorations

We all know that the sun causes unsightly pigmentation and skin discolouration. The real culprit is the sun's harmful UV rays that produce free radicals that attack our skin cells and diminish our skin's radiance. 


3) Prevent Premature Ageing (Wrinkles on skin)

Applying a liberal amount of sunscreen helps to protect your skin from developing wrinkles and fine lines. Studies have shown that people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24% lesser chances of developing these aging signs than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.


4) Reduce Skin Sensitivity

When exposed to the sun, our skin can get sensitive over time - thus resulting in skin blotchiness and redness. Sun exposure can actually make breakouts worse in some people who are prone to acne too. It also decreases the healing time for your scars, so load up on your sunscreen!


5) Better Skin Health

Most of us (or.. all of us? 😂) want to have younger looking, radiant and healthy skin. Being exposed to the sun for a long time can cause sunburn, which can weaken your skin, subjecting it more to bruises. The aftermath of a sunburn - such as peeling and reddening usually means that your skin cells are most likely damaged due to prolonged exposure to UV rays.


The American Cancer Society explains that you should look for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum UV coverage and has a sun protection factor, or SPF of at least 15. Reapply your sunscreen every hour if you're swimming or physical activities that make you sweat.


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