March 28, 2017

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6 Bad Habits That Lead to Weight Gain

You may be living a #fit life, getting on the poke bowl trends and working out like a #fitspo but the scale just keeps going up! 

Are you committing these 6 bad habits that are leading to weight gain without even knowing it? 


  1. Eating too quickly

Chewing your food slowly and carefully is not only safer but also aids in digestion. Clinical studies found that those who ate fast consumed 3 times more food than those who ate slowly. As your stomach generally takes 20 minutes to signal your brain that you're full, you should chew your food 20 times in each bite. Eat slowly and stop until you feel satisfied – not full.


  1. Sleeping too little

Sleeping less than 7 hours per day can disrupt the hunger hormones, by producing more ghrelin and less leptin. In summary, ghrelin is appetite-stimulating, leptin is appetite-suppressing. That’s how our body are triggered into overeating and as a result, putting on weight. Sleep loss is also accompanied by a cortisol spike, which in turn increases your body fat storage to conserve energy.


  1. Skipping breakfast

If you think skipping your morning breakfast will help you shed a few pounds, you might be mistaken. A research team from Imperial College London found out that forgoing the first meal of the day increases your risk for weight gain by tricking your brain into thinking you want higher-calorie foods - food that can make you fat.


  1. Meal multitasking
If you tend to do other things such as working at the laptop, reading or watching TV while eating, you might actually consume 40% more food without realising it. Multitasking during meals will distract you from recognising the feeling of fullness or satiation. In fact, eating mindfully by slowing down and savouring your food can help you control your food intake.
  1. Not drinking enough water

When dehydrated, it interferes with our body’s metabolism and ability to burn fat. This leads to excessive fat storage in your body, especially around your belly.  Without the necessary amount of water, toxins will starting accumulating in our body and wastes move through the large intestines more slowly, resulting in infections and constipation. So make sure to drink at least 2 litres of water every day!


  1. Adding unhealthy toppings to healthy food

The calories and fat in your favourite toppings such as cheese, creamy dressings and fried chicken can really kick up the calorie count. You should opt for low-fat condiments like low-fat mayo, lemon juice, hummus, or even a slice or two of avocado to add more flavour or moisture to your salad or sandwiches. For cheese lovers, try lower-fat variety such as Swiss, and avoid high-fat cheeses like cheddar.


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