Beat the midday slump with these 3 brainpower boosting foods!

Found at your local hawker centre!

You’ve had an uber productive morning working your way through your mountain of work. But it’s now 3 in the afternoon and you feel the fog slowly taking over your senses; the sounds of the office printers lulling you to sleep with their periodic beeps. You try your best to resist but alas, you fall. Before you know it,  you’re face first on your computer keyboard dreaming of soft pillows and sheets.

Us at 3pm, wishing we were at home in bed instead. 

Sounds dramatic, we know, but it’s happened to even the best of us. But with the proper nutrition, you can fight the fatigue and power your way to productivity!

Too good to be true? Naw, here are some quick fixes that help to beat the midday and powering up your brain

Thunder Tea Rice:

(Photo credits: Natalie Wong via Burpple)

Chock full of ingredients like green beans, veggies, diced tofu, pickled radish and ground nuts over a bed of fluffy brown or white rice, Thunder Tea Rice is served with a tea made from basil, mint and tea leaves.

It is touted by some to be the top-dog of the hawker centre in terms of nutritional value. Sadly, it’s often neglected and passed over for standard hawker fare like char kway tiao and prata.

But exactly how good is Thunder Tea Rice for you? For starters, a standard serving of Thunder Tea Rice contains 7g of fibre (⅓ of the daily requirement of 20g for ladies!) and is chock full of vegetable which are rich in potassium that can, among other benefits,  help reduce the risk of stroke and lower blood pressure. The toppings of ground nuts also provide selenium, which helps increase antioxidant capabilities.

Korean cuisine:

Hawker Centre Korean cuisine barely scratches the surface of the cuisine itself but instead of focusing on that, we’d rather focus on the stars of the cuisine itself – fermented foods galore! Research has found that fermented foods help to keep your body in tip-top shape by supplementing and keeping your gut bacteria happy and healthy.

Kimchi, a mainstay in Korean cuisine is an excellent source of probiotics and helps to support muscle growth, improve immunity and blood circulation with the vitamins (A&B) and minerals (Iron, Calcium and Selenium!) found in it.

Fish Soup:

By that, we mean real fish soup, where the stock is made from the boiled down bones of fish. Highly regarded by the Chinese to be an ultra nutritious food, it’s part of the traditional postpartum confinement diet - and the sentiment is true!

(Photo credits: Miss Tam Chiak)

Fish contains many essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that are essential for good health.

The latest food fad on the Western side of the world, bone broths like fish soup have been likened to the elixir of health. By boiling down bones and ligaments, compounds like collagen, glutamine and glycine are released which help to improve memory, keep the immune system in tip-top shape and lessen symptoms of leaky gut.

Still sleepy after our tips?

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