Kinohimitsu arrives at Waterway Point!

Celebrate with us at our latest pop-up store at Waterway Point’s East Wing, #01-K20!

From the 3rd to 13th August 2017 enjoy free collagen mocktails, complimentary product samplings, a 3-piece starter set of our top-selling Collagen Diamond 5300 drinks at only $5.20 (u.p $13) and cash back vouchers of up to $68!


Planning to take advantage of all the promotions? Here’s what you should get:


Drink the colours of a rainbow with Superfood+, a nutritious drink made from plant-based ingredients from 7 colour spectrums! Rich in vitamins and minerals, Superfood+ helps to boost immunity, support cholesterol-lowering effect, promote health and strengthen bones and teeth

Superfood+ Kids


Let your kids grow and develop with Superfood+ Kids! Specially formulated for growing children, Superfood+ Kids is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and comes added with DHA to help support brain power and development.

Be Sharp

Maximise your brain power with Kinohimitsu Be Sharp! Chock full of brain-boosting nutrients like Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Phosphatidylinositol (PI), it helps to preserve brain health and modulate the effects of daily stress and anxiety while maximising your mental performance.

Be Sharp Kids

A delicious chocolate-flavoured brain supplement formulated for kids above the age of two, Kinohimitsu Be Sharp Kids helps to support brain development, improve learning ability, memory and concentration in growing children.

StemCell Drink


Revitalise yourself from the inside out with Kinohimitsu StemCell Drink. With Patented Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA, RNA and Marine Collagen, it works from within to helps to repair and maintain cell growth and function to counter free radicals and premature ageing. Benefits include improve joint flexibility, agility, alleviated body aches, a better immune system and radiant, youthful looking skin.



So come on down and enjoy a Spin & Win for every $50 worth of purchases and:

  • $8 Cash voucher with purchases of $100
  • $28 Cash voucher with purchases of $300
  • $68 Cash voucher with purchases of $500

See you there!

Kinohimitsu Singapore
Kinohimitsu Singapore