July 27, 2016

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Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

There are several ways to make your makeup last even longer - even for the oily skin! (We get you)



Here are 3 tips to ensure lasting makeup all day long. 

1. A good beauty supplement changes everything.

Your face is like a canvas. With a good base, (in this case, it starts with good, healthy skin) your makeup glides on smoother and tends to stay better. A good beauty supplement like Collagen Diamond not only helps to hydrate your skin but also helps to get rid of unsightly fine lines too! 

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2. Use a primer

Invest in a good primer. Not only does it helps to get rid of unsightly, ugly pores, it blurs out imperfections and help your makeup last longer.  


3. Lip liner for long lasting lipcolour all day long

Putting on our lipstick and having it smudged after having our favourite meal - been there, done that! To ensure long lasting lipcolour all day long, try applying lip liner on your lips first before applying your lipstick. 


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