Hello skin, it’s time to glow! We’ve consulted the experts to bring to you easy-to-follow tips for the best skin of your life.

Tip #1: Get rid of dead skin

Your skin renews itself every 30 days or so, shedding the upper layer (the epidermis) to reveal new skin. However, dead skin cells do not fully shed at times, leading to flaky skin, scaly patches, clogged pores and a dull complexion.

Exfoliating on the regular can make all the difference in your skin. Plus, getting rid of surface residues ensures that the skincare products you slather on your face absorb better, a win-win if you ask us!


Tip #2: Hit the gym

There’s a reason for the post-gym glow that you see after a particularly gruelling workout session.

Beyond the benefits of a majorly toned bod, exercise can help keep your skin in tip-top shape by causing an increase in blood flow throughout your body. The increase in transported nutrients and oxygen helps the skin look fresh and rosy.

For acne prone skin, exercising also helps mitigate the impact of stress and regulate hormones – a major cause of adult acne. The increase in blood circulation also helps your body clear out waste-products and regulate itself more efficiently for clearer skin.

Tip #3: Carotene for (beta) skin

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant responsible for the red, yellow and orange colouration of fruits and vegetables. When eaten, it can help to prevent skin damage caused by pollution, UV exposure as well as other environmental hazards like smoking.

Found in foods like carrots (it’s namesake), papaya and sweet potatoes, the antioxidant activity of beta-carotene contribute to a healthy glow. Don’t go overdosing on carrots yet, overeating orange produce (30mg/day) can cause a yellow discolouration of your skin known as ‘carotenodermia’. The condition is not associated with any health problems, but it can make you look like you’ve fallen into a vat of self-tanner.

High doses of beta-carotene supplements (30 mg/day or more) and the consumption of large amounts of carotene-rich foods may result in a yellow discolouration of the skin known as ‘carotenodermia’. Carotenodermia is not associated with any underlying health problems and resolves when beta-carotene supplements are discontinued or dietary carotene intake is reduced.

Tip #4: Cut out sugar from your diet

Being in almost every form of comfort food from cakes to candy, sugar can be hard to resist. Despite being oh-so-good for your mood and mental wellbeing, sugars can cause insulin spikes. These spikes trigger bursts of inflammation throughout the body which break down collagen and elastin – the stuff responsible for your skin’s elasticity and bounce – resulting in premature ageing, pigmentation and dull skin.

How to have it the easy way:

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Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant, whitening ingredient and immunity booster.

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