The season of giving is here, it’s time for love, joy, peace and of course – presents. As much as we enjoy the festivities, feasting and all-around Christmas Spirit, buying gifts can be a headache at times. Get an idea on what to get for the loved ones in your life when you read our Christmas Gift Guide down below!


For Mom & Dad

It’s hard buying gifts for the people who’ve given you the greatest gift of all. But you can always look out for their health so that they stay in tip-top shape for the many years to come!


Superfood Supreme

Think protein and big, muscular bodybuilder types come to mind. But protein is, in fact, more necessary for the elderly compared to young adults.

With inadequate protein intake being closely linked to the loss of muscle strength and functionality, experts have highlighted the nutrient as something that’s especially important for active ageing.

Made with high quality, isolated pea protein, Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is a multigrain nutritional drink perfect to help support Mom and Dad on their active ageing journey.

Plus, it contains mangosteen fruit extract for powerful anti-ageing antioxidant properties and black sesame seed to help regulate blood pressure!

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Stem Cell Drink

Get a slice of the luxe life with Kinohimitsu Stem Cell Drink. Made with exotic Snow Lotus Stem Cells to defy the signs of ageing, it features Collagen to help provide skin and joint health benefits alongside added DNA and RNA boost cell rejuvenation benefits. We bet your folks will appreciate the soothing effects on aches, pains and more!

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For the colleagues

For the people you see 5/7 days of the week, you surprisingly know the bare minimum about them. So staying on the safe side is probably the best.



Great for cubicle rats who spend all day staring at a screen (that’s a majority of us sadly), Kinohimitsu Eyebright contains potent antioxidants and nutrients to help protect your peepers.

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Plum Juice

Every office has one. That colleague you know who’s always eating fruits and veggies in a bid to spend less time stuck in the toilet after lunch or that one guy who’s always complaining about feeling so backed up.

We get it, constipation is an awfully shitty situation to be in, been there, done that. Earn the appreciation of your work buddies with a solution to their problems. Kinohimitsu Plum Juice contains the extracts of fiber-packed berries (15 blackberries, 36 plums and 26 blueberries, to be exact), to help alleviate the symptoms of constipation and promote a healthy digestive system.

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