Buy 1 Free 1: Superfood™ Supreme 500g

Nutritional Punch for The Entire Family

A nutritional multigrain beverage that promotes healthy bones, joints, and muscles, enabling you to stay active to explore life and excitement and energy regardless of age.

Recommended For:

    • Elderly
    • Athletes or exercise enthusiasts
    • Those who are undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation
    • Those who have joint stiffness and muscle weakness
Key Ingredients
    • Isolated pea protein
      • High quality protein
      • Pea protein is free from dairy
      • Important for Muscle growth/ building muscles/ body toning/ muscle recovery after exercise
      • Suitable for people with uric acid problems
    • Mangosteen fruit extract
      • Powerful antioxidant (good for anti-aging)
      • Anti inflammatory properties
    • Brown Rice
      • Rich in Fibre
      • Maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
      • Good for weight management
    • Black Sesame seed
      • promote overal hair health
      • Helps to regulate blood pressure

  • • Mix 1-2 scoops of Superfood+ Supreme into 150-200ml of cold water or lukewarm water. (Avoid boiling water to preserve the nutrients)

    You can also mix it into juices, smoothies or anything you like.

  • Is Kinohimitsu Superfood+ Supreme suitable for kids?
    Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme recommended age is above 12 years old. The recommended group are elderly, athletes, or exercise enthusiasts, people who are undergoing physiotherapy & rehabilitation. Therefore, for children ages 2 to 12 years old, we suggest taking Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids instead as it is suitable for growing kids.

  • Is this good for osteoarthritis?
    • Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme can help with osteoarthritis as it supports bones, muscles and joint health.

    • Is Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme suitable for diabetes patients?
      • Yes, Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is suitable for diabetes patients. Meanwhile, Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme helps to support bones, muscles and joints health.

      • What is the difference between Superfood Supreme and Superfood+?
        • Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme helps to support bones, muscles and joint health. Meanwhile, Kinohimitsu Superfood+ helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, prevents the development of 3 "High" (blood glucose, blood pressure & blood lipids).


        Ask a Question
        • What’s the best time to drink and can this be taken as meal replacement?

          Dear customer,
          You can take Superfood Supreme anytime throughout the day, no specific timing is needed to consume it. Yes, it can be used as a meal replacement as well.

          We hope that helps!

        • Can we drink supreme at night ? Does it raise blood sugar fast ?

          Dear customer, yes you may drink Superfood Supreme anytime of the day. However, if you have blood sugar issue or you are diabetic patient, you are recommeneded to consult your doctor first. Hope this clarifies!

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