Bird's Nest with Red Dates & Wolfberries 6's

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    Contains 6 Bottles x 75 ml.

    Rich in nutrients and amino acids like serine, threonine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid and polypeptides that aid in skin health. Bird's Nest has been highly prized by the ancient Chinese for its healing and beauty enhancing properties for thousands of years 

    Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest with Red Dates & Wolfberries nourishes the body and promotes youthful looking skin from within. With handpicked deluxe Bird’s Nests, carefully prepared and combined with red dates and wolfberries, you can enjoy that premium experience all the time. 

  • Beauty
    Promotes a youthful, radiant and smooth complexion
    Strengthen immunity
    With the high glycoprotein content and growth factors, it helps to boost your immune system & increase resistance to external environmental stresses.
    Healthy Ageing
    Relieves fatigue and support respiratory health

  • • Water, Seaweed, Red Dates, Bird’s Nest, Wolfberries.

    Red Dates

    Red dates are rich in important vitamins and minerals required by the body like potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Commonly used in many health tonics due to the health benefits that it provides, it helps in balancing blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy nervous system and aids in the formation of collagen.

    Wolfberries contain components that promote youthful, radiant and smooth complexion. It helps to protect the skin from the damage caused by UV radiation and reduce skin inflammation, which is aided by their antioxidant potential.
  • It is ready-to-drink and can be taken chilled or warmed. Suitable for all ages.


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