When you need that extra boost to go for that extra rep.
When you need that extra push for that extra lap.
What do you turn to?

Reach greater heights and push through your limits with Maca Men. 


“I feel more energetic and alert, have
better stamina and less sore muscles.
I’m able to do more and achieve
more in life as a businessman, father
and husband. It has become my daily
energy booster.”
-Kawee Chong



Kinohimitsu Maca Men is a new all – natural refreshing energy drink in the market that promises to give you that extra energy boost that you need to power up your day. Perfect for daily consumption, Maca Men do not contains caffeine, additives and is free from hormones and chemicals.

Formulated with Maca extract from Peru to improve strength and endurance, clam extract for boosting energy, and turmeric to improve blood flow and circulation. These key ingredients make it different from other energy drinks on the market.

Maca Men helps men to look and feel good, think sharp and stay strong.
Give your best shot. Power up your life.