All-new Collagen-enhanced Flavours

Collagen Apple Tea ​🍏

The Collagen Apple Tea (from S$3.80) combines a subtle, aromatic tea with a shot of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond, recharging urbanites on-the-go with every sip.

Collagen Peach Latte 🍑

The Collagen Peach Latte (from S$3.80) is delightfully fruity and tangy with a smooth, silky finish thanks to the add-on of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Diamond. The result? A refreshing twist on the usual latte that would surprise most coffee lovers.

Get an Extra Collagen Boost

On top of the two new menu additions, you can choose to add a shot of Kinohimitsu’s Collagen Activ to selected lattes at an additional $1, giving their favourite specialty drinks a beauty boost.