It’s Father’s Day! Needless to say, many of us are cracking our aspiring brains to come up with creative ideas the perfect gift to plan the perfect day Dad will remember for years to come.

Not to worry, Kinohimitsu to the rescue!

We go back to basics on this one with a sprinkling of new as we thoughtfully put together a list of simple, yet meaningful and wellness-inspiring activities that promote good health on all tiers of the mind, body and soul as you bond with Dad and show him how much he is loved and appreciated for being such a great Dad! After all, the simplest moments can be some of the most enjoyable and memorable ones.


The Great Outdoors

Get Dad out into nature for some fresh air and a chance to stretch his legs and get that circulation going. After days of being stuck indoors in an office or commuting between work and home, some time out in the greenery will be a welcome treat and revival.

Get your walking shoes on and explore one of Singapore’s many nature trails with Dad to fill your heads with everything green, fresh and natural. Taking a walk with someone creates an opportune time to talk, share and bond over conversation, while the peaceful, natural surroundings re-generates your entire person and put you in a refreshed state of mind.


Fly a Kite, Lift the Spirit

Kite-flying is a boyhood hobby that never gets old. It’s a fun activity to do together — go ahead and learn all the old-school tricks Dad has up his sleeves! While being a great way to share some hearty laughs on all the “lift-off mishaps”, it’s also a perfect opportunity for Dad to reminisce the freedom of his childhood and smile from ear-to-ear. Out in the open field with the caress of the breeze, spirits take flight as a beautiful moment is created and is a memory made. To take the adventure to the next level, you could even make your very own kites and let Dad teach you the craft of his boyhood pastime while enjoying an extraordinary day together.

Sun, Sand and Seashells

The splash of cooling waves on one’s ankles never tires. What better way to spend the day than with a picnic at the beach and a walk along the seashore to collect seashells after? The beach is therapeutic to the heart, mind, body and soul. Feeling the soft sand beneath your feet while listening to the sound of the gentle, lapping waves can do wonders to re-align disarrayed nerves as well as relax tense muscles. Now, who would say no to that?

It is also a good time to get personal with Dad and catch up on missed conversations and devote some personal attention to him and the on-goings in his life. The cleansing energy of the sea will set the mood in a good vibe and allow Dad to relinquish the tensions of day-to-day. Plus, the thrill of picking sea-shells sends you home with beautiful mementos that can be displayed in your home to remind you of that special day with Dad. Better yet, capture that day with a wefie and present it to Dad in a frame decorated with the very shells the two of you picked together. It may be a simple gift, but it will hold a whole lot of meaning to Dad as he remembers the day with fondness.

At Work On A Terrarium

If Dad has a soft spot for plants and loves tending to his pots of glory at home, he will love this. Take him out to the florist to pick up some small plants such as colourful cacti or succulents, then masterfully arrange them in glass domes (or any glass vessel of your liking) atop a layer of pebbles, charcoal and soil. While he’s at it and tapping into his creative side, Dad is unknowingly releasing his tension and tuning down his blood pressure to a more normal range. The psychologically therapeutic qualities of plants are no secret as they have been known to discreetly lift the mood and energy levels of people around them.

As you and Dad set about building your terrarium, you get to bond with him over a learning experience that is enriching, relaxing and promotes a higher state of well-being. At the end of it, Dad will also get a beautiful keepsake to remind him of the time you took to do something he loves with him, and that is a moment that Dad will hold dear always.


A-Museum Me

When was the last time you and Dad took a trip to the museum? This Father’s Day is a great opportunity to open up Dad’s world and show him a side of something new and something old, reminiscent of his childhood days in an innovative and chic way.

Strolling through the ancient corridors of the National Museum, you bear witness to themed exhibitions that intermingle the past, present and future for a trip of discovery and recollection that creates lasting impressions through the use of technological enhancements and artistic presentations. As Dad happily unlocks his memory recesses and indulges in reminiscing the days of yesteryear, you can share a most precious experience of walking right by his side down this memory lane.


Gifts of Love

Show you care in a conscientious way by dedicating attention to the little nuances – that wince when Dad stretches for the remote or that one-sided tilt as he reads the papers in his favourite chair. Given, Dad is no longer in mint condition having faced the compromises of time and age.

You don’t have to let him give in to the whims of aging, however, by directing some thought to his well-being and health.

For great gift ideas, explore our list of health and beauty supplements catered for Dad to celebrate the zest of life. Inspired by traditional botanical medicine the world over, these products combine nature’s best with the science of good nutrition to deliver goodness you can taste and wellness you can feel.

Dad will certainly appreciate the thought and enjoy the freedom of living his life to the fullest without the limitations of aches and pains. Plus, with our special Parent’s Day promotion, you may even get the chance to whisk both Mom and Dad off for a relaxing getaway!

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