Every new year brings new resolutions and a renewed desire to change for the better. This 2019, get set for the best skin of your life with these easy-peasy beauty resolutions.

Wear sunscreen always

If you only stick to one resolution from this list, let it be this one. Singapore’s UV Index averages at 11.5, indicating high levels of UV exposure that also spells for greater potential skin damage.

Treat SPF as your skin’s BFF for better skin all day, every day. Wearing sunscreen on a regular basis (yes, even on cloudy days!), helps in preventing premature ageing, pigmentation and even skin cancer!


Wash your makeup brushes more often

Admit it, how often do you wash your brushes? If you can’t remember the last time you did, maybe it’s time to start. Because they come into such close proximity to your skin, makeup brushes collect oils, dead skin cells, dust and all the gross stuff – making it a good breeding ground for bacteria.

Imagine wiping all of that over your face everytime you do your makeup!

Giving your brushes a good cleaning every week or two helps prevent acne, prolong the longevity of your brushes and gives you a better application of your product!


Stop using expired facial products!

We’ve all hoarded makeup and skincare products that failed to find a spot in the shelf in hopes of finding a use for it one day. But did you know that upon opening, beauty products have an expiration date?

The clock starts ticking once you open a product. Once exposed to air, humidity and heat, active ingredients start to break down and you’ll find that your products don’t work as well as they once did.

Start small. Studies have found that mascara is the product that is used the most after expiration. Save yourself a potential eye infection and toss out any tube after 3 months of usage.


Practice a self-care routine

Don’t underestimate the benefits of making a self-care routine regular. Take a couple of hours off every week or so to wind down and pamper your skin. We love multimasking, a trend that has taken 2018 by storm and one that we think would work amazing even in the upcoming new year!