Parents’ day is just around the corner, are you fretting over how to go about celebrating Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, in hope to make them happy with luxurious and lavishing items?

While searching for the most ideal present, sometimes we might be neglecting the ones that are the most obvious.


1. Give them the gift of your time

A simple call today and your surprise visitation can mean the world to them.

Sometimes, all it takes is to show up a little more, to call a little more, and to simply be more attentive.

Even though your parents may not put it across to you, deep down they want to know how you are doing with your school/career/family because you will always be an important person to them. Fill each other in on the mundane and interesting happenings in your lives over a quick call, simple dinner or find time to bond over fun family activities and see the wide smiles on their face!


2. Taking Care of Yourself

Engage in a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself active and fit

Regardless of age, parents will always be worried whenever their child/children fall sick. Take the worry off them by ensuring that you hydrate yourself enough, sleep well, exercise often and eat healthily. Ensuring that your health is in tiptop condition will also allow you to do more with your time, allocating more opportunities to spend quality time with your parents.

Bonus tip: Involve your parents in your fitness routine to ensure they achieve a healthy and active lifestyle at the same time!


3. Provide them with the nourishment they deserve

Indulge in the ultimate nutrition required for a great health

Here at Kinohimitsu, we’re all about celebrating the zest of life. That’s why helping our community live their lives to the fullest, through the science of good nutrition, tops our list of priorities. Each Kinohimitsu product is inspired by botanical medicine traditions from the world over, combined with the best ingredients nature has to offer for nourishing goodness that you can taste and feel.

Kinohimitsu Stem Cell has the ability to reduce the overall age of up to 5.2 years. It contains Snow Lotus Stem Cells to revitalize, rejuvenate and repair damaged and aging cells, combined with DHA and RNA to reduce fatigue, improve mental sharpness and improve overall immune health. Kinohimitsu’s EyeBright and JointPro360 also provide important nourishment to moisturize and repair eyesight related issues with its abundance in Lutein and lubricates painful joints to restore agility and flexibility.


4. Book a complimentary consultation for your parents with Kinohimitsu

Book a detailed consultation with our Kinohimitsu Nutritionists

At Kinohimitsu, we believe that the human experience should not just be limited by what our bodies can do, but what we can do for our bodies to stretch those limits. Our solution to total wellness lies in the holistic philosophy of cleansing, balancing and nourishing the body.

Book a consultation for your parents with Kinohimitsu Nutritionists and receive a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis and a personalized goodie bag! First come first serve basis, while slots last!