With the Lunar New Year around the corner, everyone is gearing up for a season of joy, gatherings, and sumptuous feasts. However, there is just sooo many choices in the market! Let us streamline the perfect additions to your festive shopping list.

bird's nest for Chinese New Year

Ready-made bird’s nest, with its cultural significance and health benefits, has become a sought-after addition to the festive spread for families of all ages. It’s perfect welcome drink for all your guest too! The ease of preparation makes it a practical choice for those navigating the hustle and bustle of festive preparations. 

cny abalone

As a symbol of prosperity, abalone represents the collective aspiration for a year filled with abundance, joy, and success. Abalone emerges as a culinary gem that elevates the festive dining experience. Ready-to-eat abalones are a trend in recent years. Many even come with flavourful gravy that can be paired with various different dishes or even, instant noodles! 

cny Pineapple tart

The sweet harmony of pineapple tarts resonates with cultural traditions and culinary delight. These bite-sized treasures, adored by young and old alike, hold a special place in the festive. Savory, buttery goodness is just a bite away, allowing families to focus on the joy of festivities. There are many different variations of pineapple tarts and the original flavour will never go wrong!

Premium bakwa

As we gather to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the savory aroma of bakwa wafting through the air is a telltale sign of the festive season. This beloved snack, deeply rooted in tradition, is a must-have for all families during Chinese New Year. Explore different options to cater to diverse taste among your family and guest.

This Chinese New Year, make your celebrations memorable with these delightful and convenient treats that capture the essence of prosperity and good fortune. Make your festive feast is sure to impress family and friends alike! 

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