To say that the December to February period is a whirlwind would be a massive understatement. You feel amazing, basking in the holiday glow and flurry of parties, dinners and champagne-brunches, but your skin? Not so much.

After all, the late-night parties and feasting take their toll and you’ve already accepted your fate for an odd pimple or two to pop up. But hey, the good news is that these seasonal outbreaks are preventable! We’ve got your back with a seasonal acne guide, so get the lowdown on what you should do to prevent and recover from even the nastiest outbreak!

What to avoid:
Holiday seasons are food-centric with yummy goodies galore and temptations on every corner! The cakes, cookies and chocolate might be amazing for your wellbeing, but not so great for your diet or skin. Steer clear of these holiday favourites for better skin and wellbeing this season.



Holiday parties are never complete without a good drink or two! But did you know that that little glass of bubbly could be the one sabotaging your skincare efforts?

After knocking down a glass of wine or two, your body metabolizes the alcohol, resulting in a toxic byproduct known as acetaldehyde. Yin, a resident nutritionist at Kinohimitsu says that “(acetaldehyde) drains your body’s tissues and skin of water, giving you those killer hangovers and the sallow post-party complexion and breakouts.”


The good news

You can still cheer on the holiday season with champagne. It’s has a lower sugar content than most alcoholic drinks and thanks to the ubiquitous champagne flute, it’s also served in smaller quantities!



We would like to think of sugar as the root of all major skin issues. Found in copious amounts in nearly all of your favourite holiday cookies, cakes and treats, it could be the main cause of your festive breakout!

Sugar causes a surge in blood sugar levels and is a major trigger for inflammation. Our recommendation? Skip the added sweeteners or moderate your intake of sweets especially if you’re acne-prone.

What to do:

Get your skin back in peak condition with these simple steps!

Hydrate and nourish

When it comes to skincare – according to our team of nutritionists – you are what you eat. “When you drink, it dehydrates your body, so you absorb less nutrition from the food that you eat”, says Yin.

She recommends avoiding caffeine and drinking plenty of water after a night of drinks to repair the skin from the inside-out. Her pro-tip? Adding a slice or two of lemons or citrus fruits to your water would do good for your body with antioxidants to aid in reversing the effects of alcohol.


Eating more eggs and fish could also beneficial in restoring the body to it’s a pre-drink state, with choline and omega-3 fatty acids to support liver and skin health.

Get your beauty sleep

Don’t underestimate the impact sleep has on your skin quality! Poor sleep has been linked to inflammatory skin issues like acne and psoriasis, thanks to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

Getting your zzz’s is an integral part of maintaining good skin, especially so during the holiday season where sleep is a luxury. So draw the curtains and fluff the pillows cause you’ll it.


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