Clocking overtime, stressful work environments, the standard of living; these are concerning reasons attributing to the hectic lifestyles of Singaporeans. The rise of busy lifestyles have resulted in a population that frequently eats out and bring about more individuals opting for easy-to-prepare processed food, which are often loaded with increased calories.

Did you know that according to statistics, Singaporeans have among the longest working hours in the world? 

According to an article on obesity by The Straits Times:
“Today, the average Singaporean is heavier and more likely to overeat. Even children here are putting on weight and, unsurprisingly, the biggest weight gain starts when people begin work. These were some of the findings from the HPB’s analysis of nearly 30 years of data to find out when Singaporeans begin putting on weight and how obesity trends have changed.”

The Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board has also stepped up the effort to encourage healthy eating via various island-wide campaigns.

Sinful ingredients such as fat, sugar and salt have the power to elevate and heighten the tastiness of the food we consume, leading to dire diseases in the long run if we are not conscious of our intake.

Detoxing Is the Way to Go

Is detoxing the way to go for better physical and mental well-being? We certainly think so!

The notion of detoxing has always been deemed as a fad which is often underestimated. For a start, detoxing is the process of aiding your body’s natural processes, allowing them to run more efficiently. A key benefit of a regular detox regime is better gut health, allowing for regular bowel movements to detoxify the body.

How can you Detox?

For those who need an intense cleanse: 
If you find yourself constantly craving sugary foods, chronically tired, breaking out, bloating and experiencing skin issues, you might be in severe need of a good detoxing session.

Get the intense cleanse you need with Kinohimitsu D’Tox Plum Juice, made with the extracts of 36 plums, 28 blueberries and 15 blackberries, it is a natural, tasty and refreshing drink that is ready for immediate consumption. It promotes colon cleaning to remove mucoid plaque and targets issues such as bloating, poor digestion, and constipation in as little as 4-hours.

For those in the middle ground, daily detox and gut maintenance:

Sometimes you feel amazing but at other times, you feel like the gum stuck on someone else’s shoe. When it comes to your health, you’re neither here nor there. And sometimes, being on the middle ground is great! Your focus should be on treating your body right when you feel the lethargy sink in. Make food your medicine with an emphasis on whole and green foods.

You might also want to try out fermented foods that are rich in gut-loving bacteria to help aid your in detoxing.

Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme is a concentrated plant-based enzyme blend that is made with health in mind. A careful selection of 75 fruits and vegetables are fermented for 365 days using a unique proprietary process to produce digestive enzymes of superior bioavailability that aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

Digestive enzymes are key players in:

  1. Breaking down the food we consume
  2. Getting us the nutrients needed
  3. Flushing out harmful toxins

Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme is definitely an easy alternative to get a boost of phytonutrients to provide protective benefits for your body.


Did you know that you can detox your body through your feet as well?

Foot reflexology is not just a foot massage. It uses specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing and detoxifying response in corresponding organs and areas of the body 

Foot reflexology has been proven to help:

  1. Relieve body aches
  2. Improve the condition of joint-related pain
  3. Activate body cells, improve blood circulation
  4. Relax muscles
  5. Support a healthy immune system, enhance metabolism and improve sleeping quality
  6. Refresh and energize your body

Inspired by the benefits of Food Reflexology, the Kinohimitsu Health Pad offers various benefits that help expel harmful waste from the body and enhances your overall wellbeing via a combination of natural ingredients and negative ions, which makes it ideal for maintaining good health in a relaxing way.

Repeated use will result in the colour getting lighter each morning, indicating that the amount of waste in the body has reduced substantially.