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Good products

First time trying BB drink. So far so good, skin look much better. Great products.

Men collagen drink

After taking for 2 months,skin remains the same..no effect at all..disappointing..


Hai, those who have high blood pressure can consume Superfood?

poor delivery

the delivery is not satisfactory. if i'm not wrong, the delivery of my last purchase took more than 3 days. during the purchase process, there should be an area to input the contact details for delivery. i can only email to inform on the contact details for the delivery. really appreciate improvement in the delivery process, making it better.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery!

Query on flash sale

Dear sir , may I know if the flash sale for 6 tins at $118 is it still on ? What is the code to use ?

Justified for the price

No sugar, good for healthy diet but i prefer a little sweetness in it. Tasted red dates in the drink but the bird's nest looks more like jelly to me. But overall it's justifiable for the price since i purchase it for the red dates and wolf-berries benefits.

Superfood + Lady

Taste really good! And you may take it as a meal replacement eg brekkie. It is also 100% vegetarian! Excellent product!

Received item after 8-9 days of ordering.

Well item was recieved in good condition just that the delivery is super long, I thought my item was delivered to some other people. Yea watied for 8 fucking days atleast.



Taste good with cold water, enjoying drink.
Had not seen the weight loss yet after 5 days consuming


I purchased 2 set of different product on 18 Dec and dint received anything until now (27 Dec) some more the status showed 'Fulfilled'?!?!?!
I never purchased this bundle but received an email saying 'we fulfilled your order of 1 x Christmas Specials: Get That Glow Kit (2 for $42.90)' and asked me to leave a feedback on this!
Kinohimitsu don't have any contact number to call?!
This company sucks and the courier also sucks!

Glow Set

Trying "Be white and Pro white" for a week ald , the result is not out yet , not sure how long need to take then can see result.

It’s really Works

Tasted like plum juice. 1 sachet doesn’t works on me. I took 2 sachets after lunch time, Iits reallly Works after 2hrs, stomach has bubbling sound for the whole day, bloated, dull tummy ache and slight diarrhea, clear bowels 2-3 times a day. Has already lost 2 kg after 3 weeks taking 6days detox enzyme and tummy tuck slimming and COF.

Diamond / Night

seems to be working. i kinda slpt well with Night.


my daughter drank BB. it seems to be working. from dull, yellow skin to fairer with radiant / healthier skin.


Goods are delivered in good condition and as per advertised. Goods are all not near to expiry date, highly recommended to buy from this company!

Awesome Product.

Before this, I have tried other brands for years. But doesn't seems to have any effect or improvements. After my first box of Kinohimitsu, my entire family bought it. You can actually see the effect after 3-4 bottles of Kinohimitsu. It is really effective. But a little disappointing. After a few purchases, the promo went even cheaper.

Tasty, value for money, quick delivery & good packaging

I bought 4 tins, which was well-packed and delivered quickly.
I tried the 'lady' variant as well - both are really tasty for a health supplement. Nice as a meal replacement or supplement. I think it aids in bowel movement and digestive health, too.
Delivery updates given by email and SMS, which are appreciated. Will repurchase again from the site.
Highly recommend to take this regularly.

Value for Money

With the bulk purchase of 6 cans, the unit price is much lower than the retail price during promotion. Delivery is prompt.

worth the try

on third bottle today and my skin is feeling much better. im suffering from acne and oily skin with dry patches somewhere but they are not very oily or dry right now. would recommend to people who are in dilemma.

BB drink

It's nice to drink,after drinking it,my skin looks more radiant.

Effective Product

Tried so many different products to cure my acne-prone face but was useless. Only this product really help to prevent new pimples and now I'm looking forward to clear my acne scars.

Beauty Collagen Drink is a must to buy!!

It is quite pricey but works wonders even 2 days of drinking this product. I gave this product a try and next I saw that my laugh lines are gone. Can’t wait to see the full results. I am a happy customer and will definitely recommend my friends.. I will purchase this again!

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery !

1st time order

First time purchase, love the taste, hope it works.

Amazing as always

Repurchased these for my mother, she says her skin feels significantly different and it tastes great!


first time to try. I've only finished the free items and off to start Prowhite tonight! So far, I'm seeing some results. My skin looks better now.


Taste of the powder blends well with cold milk a great substitute for breakfast.
Only thing I'm curious about is. How can each can last one month? When 500g is only able to produce 12.5 servings.

Defective container

One of the containers gave way when I took it out from the box when it arrived. The sides of the tin and the metal base became detached. Which means it will be impossible to hold the powder at all. Very disappointing as I have ordered a few times already.

Good products and fast delivery

Have been drinking UV and Prowhite for many years. Result is significant. Good products.

Fast delivery & effective formula

First time trying BB and it works wonder. Skin looks better in the first 6 days of my first try. Now on my Bust Up, pending for effect. =)

Eye bright

My kids love it. Hope it would help their eye sight.

Thumbs up

Good. Fast delivery. Love the promo

Good product

Happy with my pruchase, worth to buy during sales. They are good products. Delivery was fast as long as you don't miss it. Awaiting for more sales coming soon.

Detox Kickstarter Set

It's effective and taste nice

Detox Enzme 30's

The product is not too sweet and taste nice.

Superfood + 500g

Taken the product since the launch as daily breakfast, with this promotion it's value for money. Items are well packed, the only issue I had was with the delivery. The first encounter with Ifleet was last Friday, received an email stating failed delivery but I did not even get a call from the driver and I was at home waiting for the items. Tried calling them for almost an hour and no one picks up the phone, not very impressed with their service.

I've received an email stating that delivery is scheduled for Monday, I was okay with it as I've requested for for evening delivery. Out of the blue receive a call around 2plus that he was outside my home that he is there to deliver the items, I've told him that I've requested for evening delivery.

Thank goodness my neighbour was at home to collect the items for me, when I came home to collect the box, it was stated very clearly delivery after 7pm? I got my items in the afternoon around 2.30pm? Time management problem...

Detox Enzyme 30's

Easy to consume.

Great product

Have been drinking the collagen drink and able to see differences. My scar as gotten lighter but definitely need more months to see more results. Thank you!

Great value, good product

Delivery was prompt.
The taste is okay.
It helps with my digestion and bowel movements.

Good product

Good customer service and delivery in time.
I love the product. Make my skin supple and moisture

Activa Condolisa Scar Gel 30ml (Expiry: 31st Aug 2017)
Activa Condolisa Scar Gel


Detox Enzyme

Good and easy product to use.


Prompt Delivery.
Free gift given as stated.

Ok product but slow delivery

Delivery took very long, product average, does cleanse. Must drink product straight away, if left alone for too long, becomes jelly-like

Collagen Men Trial Pack 2's
Trial purchase

Faat delivery and my boyfriend likes it

It works

Within one month of eating, my LDL reduce to borderline case. So far no side effects. I think it works.

5 star

Fast delivery and good product