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Contains 16 Bottles x 50 ml.
Youth and gorgeousness in a bottle

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink is the collagen drink specifically catered to satisfy the needs of men’s skin.

Infused with 5300mg of Collagen Pepetide as well as excellent moisturizing ingredients, Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink aids in plumping up skin, smoothening fine lines, regulating sebum secretion, healing facial scars and restoring youthful vitality to the skin.

Firm up skin for a more lifted appearance
Lift up your bust and buttock for a more attractive body figure
Protect, soothe and heal damaged skin cells and scars

Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

Cactus Extract (Opuntia dillenii)

Rich in minerals, pectins and flavonoids that have excellent moisturising and soothing properties. Studies showed it reduced skin irritation and redness that was induced by either UV rays or shaving (shaving process is a repeated stress for skin).

Hyaluronic Acid (from chicken cartilage)

Functions as a sponge to attract and bind water within the cells to prevent the skin from drying out. It also helps to maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin, helping skin to look smoother and more hydrate.

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