Bird’s Nest with Longan & Wolfberry 180g 6’s


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Bird’s Nest Longan & Wolfberry 180ml 6’s

Strengthen immunity
Healthy ageing

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Bird’s Nest with Longan & Wolfberry

Contains 6 bottles x 180 ml

Kinohimitsu Bird’s Nest Beverage with Longan & Wolfberry combines genuine deluxe quality Bird’s Nest with Longan and Wolfberry, carefully prepared to retain their nutrients. The combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge induces body warming effect and provides nourishment to your “Yin” while enhancing body overall well-being.



  • Promotes body warming effect
  • Improves vision health
  • Promotes youthful, radiant and fairer skin complexion
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports respiratory health
  • Promotes healthy ageing
Strengthen immunity
Boost and support body’s innate defense system
Healthy ageing
Relieve fatigue and support respiratory health
Protect skin from free radical damage and signs of ageing caused by exposure to UV rays.
Hydrolysed Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest is rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), sialic acid (200 times higher than royal jelly), amino acids and minerals which are essential to promote skin cell regeneration, enhance skin healing and promote youthful-looking skin.


With the high glycoprotein content and growth factors, it helps to boost immune health & increase resistance to external environmental stress

Bird's Nest with Longan & Wolfberry Full Ingredients List
Rock Sugar Solution, Seaweed, Longan, Wolfberry, Bird’s Nest.

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