Bundle of 2: Superfoodᵀᴹ Supreme 500g x 2


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Bundle of 2: Superfoodᵀᴹ Supreme 500g x 2

Healthy eating combined with regular exercise and being socially active help to add quality years to life. Kinohimitsu SuperfoodTM Supreme helps you to stay well in your life journey by offering 7-colour ingredients – Brown Rice, Mangosteen Fruit Extract, Black Sesame Seed, Isolated Pea Protein and fortified with Calcium which help to develop strong bones and teeth

Strengthen bones
Strengthen muscles

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Nutritional Punch for The Entire Family

A nutritional multigrain beverage that promotes healthy bones, joints, and muscles, enabling you to stay active to explore life and excitement and energy regardless of age.

  • Recommended For:
    • Elderly
    • Athletes or exercise enthusiasts
    • Those who are undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation
    • Those who have joint stiffness and muscle weakness
  • Key Ingredients
    • Isolated pea protein
      • High quality protein
      • Pea protein is free from dairy
      • Important for Muscle growth/ building muscles/ body toning/ muscle recovery after exercise
      • Suitable for people with uric acid problems
    • Mangosteen fruit extract
      • Powerful antioxidant (good for anti-aging)
      • Anti inflammatory properties
    • Brown Rice
      • Rich in Fibre
      • Maintains healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
      • Good for weight management
    • Black Sesame seed
      • promote overal hair health
      • Helps to regulate blood pressure*May contain gluten and soy.


Help to relieve joint pain and discomfort
Strengthen bones
Support stronger bones
Strengthen muscles
Improve muscle strength and body toning
Mangosteen Fruit Extract

Strong anti-inflammatory properties help to promote joint health

Isolated Pea Protein

Improve muscle strength and body toning

Black Sesame Seed

Help to regulate blood pressure and promote healthy hair

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