Bundle of 3 Sets Jellyboost (3 in 1) – Collagen, Lutein, DHM


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Hydration Boost
Enhance eye health
Alleviate hangover symptoms

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What am I

JellyBoost Collagen

Contains 15g x 15’s.

Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Collagen Step up your skin game with JellyBoost Collagen! A delightful fusion of taste and beauty benefits, this jelly is your perfect sidekick in the quest for that insta-worthy glow. Youthful skin has met its match!

✓ Smooth and supple skin
✓ Hydrated skin
✓ Firm and bouncy skin
✓ Improve skin barrier


JellyBoost Lutein

JellyBoost Lutein is crafted for the digital-savvy generation. It’s not just a treat, but it’s a shield against the digital world’s glare, ensuring your eyes stay refreshed, relaxed and ready for the next scroll, swipe or snap!


✓ Relieve eye strain

✓ Alleviate dry eye symptoms

✓ Improve visual acuity and clarity

✓ Enhance eye health


JellyBoost DHM

The perfect hangover companion for alcohol and party lovers. Packed with powerful ingredients, it is designed to help you recover quickly and get back to your lifestyle.

Our Product

✓ Only 10 kcal per sachet

✓ Trendy supplement – great taste with functional benefits

✓ Smooth, jelly-like texture

✓ Innovative Technology

✓ 3 International Patents (Taiwan, Japan, China)


✓ Alleviate hangover symptoms

✓ Liver protection

✓ Liver detoxification

✓ Boost immunity

What is DHM?

DHM stands for Dihydromyricetin, which is a natural flavonoid compound found in the Hovenia dulcis, or Japanese raisin tree. DHM is widely known for its anti-alcohol properties, particularly in mitigating the effects of alcohol consumption.

JellyBoost Collagen

JellyBoost Ingredients List
JellyBoost Collagen - Collagen Peptide (Fish) 1,500mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Grape Skin Extract 10mg,Lychee Juice, Green Tea Extract, Rice Germ Ceramide JellyBoost DHM - Turmeric Extract 1200mg, Artichoke Extract 80mg, Japanese Raisin Tree Extract 70mg, L-Glutathione 10mg, Citrus depressa Juice, Vitamin B Complex, Black Pepper Extract JellyBoost Lutein - Marigold Extract (contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin) 81mg, Bilberry Extract 15mg, Red Algae Astaxanthin 5mg, Vitamin E 5mg, Mixed Fruit Juice, Elderberry Extract, Wolfberry Extract

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