Bundle of 6: Activa Whitening Mask x 6

    • A non-allergic whitening contour-fitted mask with soothing Mulberry Extracts specially designed to revive the skin and diminish the signs of aging. It penetrates to help lighten spots, fine lines and irregular skin tones. Leaving skin smoother, fairer and younger looking.
    • Benefits
      • A herbal extracts sheet masque, helps to clarify uneven skin tone and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
      • Protects skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants.
    • Ingredients
      • Mulberry Extract, Sophora Extract, Licorice Extract, Portulaca Extract, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel.
    • Directions
      After cleansing, gently press masque to fit the face contour. Leave on for 10 – 20 minutes, remove masque gently. Apply some lotion after use for better results.
    •  How soon can I see results after using Activa Whitening Mask?
      With the combination of natural active ingredients and advanced technology, you will notice visible results instantly.

       Should I continue using Activa Whitening Mask once I start seeing visible effects?
      Brown spots and pigmentation result from poor diet, stress, daily exposure to harmful UV rays, pollution, hormonal changes and other lifestyle problems. Hence continuous usage of Activa brightening Mask helps to maintain your skin against the on-going battle with discoloration.

       If I have acne on my face, can I still use Activa Whitening Mask?
      The product is suitable for all skin types.

       Should I be concerned about long term side effects from using Activa Whitening Mask?
      Activa Brightening Mask is safely free from bleaching agents, such as Hydroquinone. It contains only naturally derived ingredients that are clinically recommended.





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