Bird’s Nest with Snow Lotus & Honey 8’s

  • Description

    Grown in the high altitudes of Central Asia, this species of snow lotus is scientifically known as Saussurea involucrata. Requiring specific environmental conditions to grow in, S. involucrata has become a rare herb in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to regulate blood flow and treat rheumatoid arthritis, the common cold and flu.
  • Benefits

    • Regulates blood pressure and blood sugar
    • Supports digestive health
    • Aids in wound healing and improves appearance of the skin
    • Reduces fat and cholesterol production
  • Key Ingredients

    • Rock sugar solution
    • Seaweed
    • Bird's nest
    • Snow Lotus
    • Honey
  • Direction of Use

    It is easy to drink and can be taken chilled or warmed. Suitable for all ages.


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