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Size: 50g x 32 bottles: 1 Box

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Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite (50g x 32 bottles)

Long days and modern living can leave you feeling and looking like you haven't slept a wink. Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite is your natural sleep remedy

This 100% natural, chill-inducing drink is packed with powerful ingredients, including GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid known to silence your inner chatter so you can catch those Zzz's—no more tossing and turning.

Don't just dream of restful sleep and better skin; drift off to dreamland faster with Collagen Nite. This sleep aid promotes relaxation, acts as a mood regulator, and enhances sleep quality

Experience the ultimate beauty sleep with Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite – your deep sleep solution for that fresher look.

  • Promotes Better Sleep Quality: Designed to improve sleep, aiding in overall restfulness.
  • Calming Effect: Offers a calming effect to help relax the body and mind.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Works overnight to rejuvenate the skin, enhancing its radiance and elasticity.

Fruit Juice (White Peach and Apple), Marine Collagen 5300mg, Fructose, Citric Acid, GABA (Brown Rice) , Fibersol®-2, Vitamin C, L-Tryptophan, Manuka Honey, Spinach, Catechin (Green Tea Extract), LactiumTM (Milk Peptide), Bird’s Nest Extract.

Recommended Use For Best Result

One bottle a day, preferably before bedtime.
Shake well before consume.

First-time User: One bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days.
For Maintenance: One bottle every 2 days.

Size: 50g x 32 bottles: 1 Box

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Sleep Improvement
Sleep Improvement
Sleep Improvement