Make a difference in 2019 and embark on a journey to uncover your best self! A fresh new year is an amazing excuse for a new batch of new year’s resolutions. According to a poll by YouGov, the most common New Year Resolutions for 2018 include eating healthier, getting more exercise into your day and saving more money!

But sadly, New Year Resolutions are most often not kept to and many people abandon them a couple of months into the year.

Our take on it? Small, easily achievable goals that’ll add up and create a huge collective impact. From getting fitter to just feeding yourself better (because you are what you eat right?), if your target is to improve your health and wellbeing this coming New Year, we’ve got the guides for you! Read on to find out just what to do to reach those resolutions!


Get in shape

The festive season is probably the worst time ever to even think about getting in shape. But hey, being round is still a shape. We’re kidding of course. Read our in-depth guide on what you should know if you’ve resolved to get in shape this New Year.


Get gorgeous skin

Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint. If your goal is to leave the house sans makeup and tell people ‘I woke up like this’, read our handy guide on building a skincare routine of your own.


Eat better

Cliche but true, you are really what you eat. Eating better is amazing, not just for your waistline, but for your overall health and beauty to boot! We’ve sought the advice of our team of nutritionists on how to nourish yourself better this 2019, even at the occasional fast-food chain outlet.


Sleep better

Getting more and better quality sleep is a resolution that’s often overshadowed by things like losing weight and saving money. But don’t underestimate the power of sleep on your wellbeing.