A mother can also hold many roles in your lives, be it at home or in the society. Every individual’s motherhood journey can be vastly different, and we have consolidated the 5 types of mothers (from friends/acquaintances) we have met thus far. Does any of the following characteristics sound familiar to you?

  1. Mrs Know It All

We present to you, at the very top of our list: Mrs Know It All. They seemed to have a solution to all questions, circumstances and situations. Often eager to provide remedy to get their child out of a sticky situation or hiccups, we can always depend on Mrs Know-it-all to solve issues for us!

  1. The Strict Mom

To the authoritative mothers, they prefer setting boundaries and rules to ensure their child treads on the safe side. She is very firm and strict with curfews and often expects their child/children to be prim and proper at all times to meet her expectations.

  1. Soft Hearted Mama

The opposite of The Strict Mom, Soft Hearted Mama are usually pushovers in front of their kids. You can spot a Soft Hearted Mama by the way her kids bosses her around just because she is unable to say no. Her greatest fear is a crying child, so she’ll do anything just to pacify her child, even if it meant giving in to unreasonable requests.

  1. Busy and Working Mom

With gender equality on the table, mothers have to juggle with more roles in and out of the family. Time is gold to them and they are always very resourceful. You can hardly see busy and working moms around, and even if they do, they will be on their laptops or mobile phones most of the time as they are constantly working on the go.

  1. The Cool Mom

Restriction is never her kind of thing. Laid back and letting the kids explore the world is what she yearns for, so you will see her children playing with dirt and exploring new terrains. She does not panic when her child spikes a fever or scrapes a knee but ensures that the kids are not in any danger.

No matter what category our moms fall within, one thing we can be sure is that their love for us is no lesser than the rest of the categories.

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