This Parent’s Day, treat your mom and dad to an array of thoughtful and health-boosting goodies they’ll definitely appreciate!


  1. Stem Gold+

Introduced just last month. Stem Gold+ is the latest addition to Kinohimitsu’s collagen range. Formulated with 21 internationally patented ingredients, it contains high bioavailability of Marine Collagen Peptides, Astaxanthin, and Snow Lotus + Orchid Stem Cells to protect, restore and rejuvenate your skin the natural way.

Stem Gold+ has the ability to reverse the 8 signs of aging to restore youth and vibrancy to one’s skin. Delay and reduce dark spots, pigmentations, dull skin and more with Kinohimitsu Stem Gold+ today!


  1. Stem Cell

With cells repair and regeneration abilities, Kinohimitsu Stem Cell is useful for aging pains in the joints and back. Other than external benefits such as improving skin’s elasticity, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, it does wonders internally as well. Be prepared to experience an improvisation to the body’s vitality, Stem Cell reduces fatigue and increases alertness, mental focus, joint agility, and immunity too!

Delay aging and build a quality lifestyle with Kinohimitsu Stem Cell drink; see results as soon as 6 days!


  1. EyeBright

Did you know? Factors such as UV rays, free radicals, and blue light damages the eye’s corneas and cause premature macular degeneration, resulting in eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins to appear on the eyeballs.

As we age, the ability for the eyes to create enough lubrication decreases, causing frequent eye dryness. With one of the highest level of Lutein in the market, Kinohimitsu EyeBright contains FloralGLO® Lutein to combat free radicals and filters damaging blue light to protect the retina and optic nerves.

Give your parents the comfort of eye relief by sending some EyeBright their way!


  1. JointPro360

Painful joint is one of the major concerns for the aging individuals as it inhibits them from performing their daily tasks with ease, limiting their movements and preventing them from achieving the freedom to live the life they want. Be it mundane tasks such as walking down the stairs with ease, or reaching out to retrieve something from the cupboard can become a challenge with painful joints.

Formulated with 1,500mg of Glucosamine to repair and build elasticity and resilience for joints, 1,200mg of Chondroitin to increase the production of synovial fluid to lubricate joints and ease movement and 900mg of MSM to reduce joint inflammation to relieve pain, stiffness, and discomfort, Kinohimitsu JointPro360 is the ultimate gift for a painful joint rescue!



  1. SuperFood+

Formulated with 22 types of multi-grains, Kinohimitsu Superfood+ range is definitely a healthier alternative to the typical greasy and hearty breakfasts such as fried beehoon, fritters doughs or roti pratas. Packed with the 7 colours from different fruits and vegetables to achieve an optimal nutritional level, Kinohimitsu Superfood+ range helps to support cholesterol-lowering effect, manages body weight, improve gastrointestinal health, boost immunity and provides sustained energy release.

Why not introduce this delicious and health-packed multigrain beverage for your parents to improve their daily nutritional intake this Parent’s Day?

Spoilt for choice? For the month of May and June, purchase above $150 and stand a chance to win a cruise trip for a family of 4, staycation and buffet vouchers! More information here.