We have been singing the praises of working Mums with such ardour that we seem to have overlooked their better halves – the working Dads. We have been so preoccupied with upholding gender equality for women that we somewhat forget to extend that same courtesy to our handsome counterparts and commend the men who share our load, making it possible for us to let loose our own inner girl-boss.

Both men and women face equal challenges and workload in today’s lifestyle, especially as the role of father is quickly taking a sharp turn away from its sole-breadwinner convention. This June, we take the time to remember, appreciate and celebrate the Dads and husbands who give their all with their own kind of Super.

Still Dad, But On New Wheels

As more Dads step up and strive to be good partners, good parents and successful professionals in their trades, their once work-only challenges have evolved to include family challenges as well. As they take on more responsibility on the home front with housework and being actively involved in raising a family alongside Mums, their days begin to fill with new sets of demands and requisites.

Come six ‘o clock, Dads are seen joining the swarm of Mums making their dash out the door. He sprints not for happy hour, but for the student/infant care centers to collect his ward.

By seven, Dad is a sight to behold, decked out in the latest baby carrier and jostling in the MRT as he enters dinner negotiations with Mum in a frantic slew of finger taps.

At eight, he is spotted in the suburbs ushering Daisy, the pet dog, along on her evening toilet break in slippers so his smothered feet can get a much-needed breather from a day of being cooped up in business shoes.

Back home again, he continues navigating a series of chores and daily rituals before he serenades Mum with a symphony of snores by midnight.

24 Hours in a Day, Not 24 Hours of Energy

Men are seldom ones to talk, and discussing the challenges of working Dads is still often reserved for the Mums or contemplative blog writers like us. Plus, it’s hardly manly to air the woes of work-family responsibility and furious ambition, especially when the Mums barely flinch and seem to have it under control.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom between our forever-giving super Dads as they run themselves ragged trying to keep up, because we have just the care package for them to cope with the daily grind of today’s life.

Thoughtfully selected to help our beloved modern-day Daddies live life to the fullest, Kinohimitsu’s products possesses the nourishing goodness from age-old botanical medicine traditions and boast no preservatives, chemical or hormone inclusions.

1. Eyebright

Leading the list is a product to strengthen his eyes as he keeps them glued to the computer screen in his climb to success. Eyebright protects the retina and nourishes the eyes – especially good for prolonged exposure to electronic devices with its patented lutein and beta-carotene compounds.

2. Sky Grass and Bio-Booster

Next in line, Sky Grass and Bio-Booster aid in building immunity so that our dear working Dad can keep up and does not have to drop out of the race because he’s caught the flu. Adding to that, Bio-Booster’s digestive health support boosts the body’s absorption power so it can sink its teeth into all the beneficial nutrients it needs to keep the race going.

3. JointPro360 and Marine Collagen

We have given bone and joint health a good thought as well with JointPro360 and Marine Collagen, which work in tandem to improve flexibility, relieve arthritic pain and support bone health while making sure these super Dads can always put their best face forward with a healthy, glowing complexion that speaks of good health and a rich, wholesome life.