Kinohimitsu Superfood+: Avocado Creamy Pasta Recipe For A Low Cholesterol Diet

October 08, 2018

Get your comfort food fix while staying on track with your heart health! You won’t find cream-based pasta dishes up high on a doctor’s list of low cholesterol diet approved foods, thanks to the saturated fat-laden sauces. For a heart-healthy twist, we collaborated with the National Heart Institute to put a little spin on the traditional cream pasta sauce. Traditionally, alfredo sauces are made with cream which is richer than milk and gives a satisfying lusciousness to the dish. To mimic the creaminess, our recipe uses avocados which are an amazing source of healthy monounsaturated fats, making it suitable for those with high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Studies have found that avocados can help improve HDL cholesterol, the good...

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