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  • Hi, i used to drink daily tea after lunch meal. Which is for clean the excessive sugar intake. Is it ok i consume this detox enzyme for morning before meal? And i drink tea in the afternoon?

    Hi Melissa,

    Since you're taking a tea after your meals, taking detox enzyme in the morning before or after your breakfast would be recommended. We would advise against taking it at night as it takes about 4-5 hours for you to feel the detoxifying effects of it. We hope that helps!

  • Hello thanks for the reply may i know when theese occurrence will end ? I'm currently drinking it 2 times a week thanks

    Hi Don,

    It differs according to your body type, from previous customer feedback we've found that for some, your body will get used to it after long periods of consumption. It's fine to take it twice a week or as and when you feel lethargic and constipated for detox maintanance.  

  • Hello i bought this detox product a week ago and when i drink 1 i had watery diarrhoea a few hours after drinking may i know is this a natural outcome or is there something wrong with this product thanks

    Hi Don,

    Watery stools is a common occurrence after drinking Detox Enzyme 30's as Enzymes aid in the digestion of food and promote movement of bowels. We would recommend that you drink plenty of water to aid in the detoxing process as well. 

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Drank this 2 times already, i do feel lighter but i haven’t weighed myself. It feels like the enzyme were quite effective in breaking down the gunks in my digestive system which is great. I have it usually after lunch and after 3ish hours i get the gulu gulu in my tummy it keeps rumbling and after a while i’ll have to visit the toilet! Taste wise it’s yummy! Great product. :)

Detox enzyme

Is it normal after the 3rd sachet if consumption, there is no bowel movement. my first 2 sachets enable me to go to toilet , especially the first sachet . After that no more. Why

Side effect

Hi, I would like to know whether there is any side effect. As refer to the ingredient on the box, you have included bromelain in it. If these is used too often, it may have side effect from menstrual problem and increase heart rate.

Hope to hear from you soon.


The taste is great both diluted and concentrated. I’m on my 3rd box and i must say my bowel movements are very regular now (without the stomach pains and diarrhea like what most other detox drinks give me). For a long time I’ve struggled with bloating and this has really helped to reduce that. The best part is that unlike most detox drinks, this does NOT contain senna and that’s very important to me.

It’s really Works

Tasted like plum juice. 1 sachet doesn’t works on me. I took 2 sachets after lunch time, Iits reallly Works after 2hrs, stomach has bubbling sound for the whole day, bloated, dull tummy ache and slight diarrhea, clear bowels 2-3 times a day. Has already lost 2 kg after 3 weeks taking 6days detox enzyme and tummy tuck slimming and COF.

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