Combo of 3 Sets Jellyboost (3 in 1) - Collagen, Lutein, DHM

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Kinohimitsu JellyBoost: Beauty & Wellness on the Go!

Contains: 3 Boxes x 15 Sachets per Box (Jellyboost Collagen, Jellyboost Lutein, Jellyboost DHM) + 1 Bottle of Shakers with Extra 6 Sachets Jellyboost

Delicious Jelly, Powerful Results! Kinohimitsu JellyBoost offers trendy, great-tasting supplements with real benefits. Enjoy smooth, jelly-like textures packed with innovative technology (3 international patents!)

  • Jellyboost Collagen: Achieve radiant, youthful skin with improved hydration, firmness, and a healthy barrier.
  • Jellyboost Lutein: Fight digital eye strain and dryness. Protect your eyes and support visual clarity with every delicious bite.
  • Jellyboost DHM: Recover faster from nights out! This hangover helper supports liver health and relieves symptoms.

All JellyBoost:

  • Trendy supplement - great taste, functional benefits
  • Smooth, jelly-like texture
  • 15g x 15 servings

Jellyboost Collagen
Collagen Peptide (Fish) 1,500mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Grape Skin Extract 10mg,Lychee Juice, Green Tea Extract, Rice Germ Ceramide

Jellyboost DHM
Turmeric Extract 1200mg, Artichoke Extract 80mg, Japanese Raisin Tree Extract 70mg, L-Glutathione 10mg, Citrus depressa Juice, Vitamin B Complex, Black Pepper Extract

Jellyboost Lutien
Marigold Extract (contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin) 81mg, Bilberry Extract 15mg, Red Algae Astaxanthin 5mg, Vitamin E 5mg, Mixed Fruit Juice, Elderberry Extract, Wolfberry Extract

Recommended Use For Best Result

Fuel up every day, have a JellyBoost stick — start your day with a burst of energy in the morning, grab it as a handy snack to beat hunger, or indulge in a guilt-free treat to satisfy those late-night cravings.

Remember to keep your JellyBoost stored in a cool, dry spot. For an added touch of refreshment, enjoy it chilled. 

Product information

Deliciously Revive Your Skin From Within

Make the “no-makeup" makeup look happen. With Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Collagen- it's time to reveal your skin's true potential!

Skin Hydration
Marine Collagen Peptides act like sponges in your skin, attracting and retaining moisture. This translates to a plump, dewy appearance and a healthy, youthful glow.

Strengthen Skin Barrier
Collagen is a key building block of the skin's protection, shielding it from environmental stressors and irritants, strengthening this barrier and improving your skin's overall resilience.

Brighten Uneven Skin Tone
Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant included in the formula, helps combat free radicals, promoting a brighter and more even complexion for a radiant look. Achieve a more even complexion for a radiant glow.

Prevent Premature Ageing
Marine Collagen Peptides help maintain elasticity and firmness, effectively slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Smooth and Soft Skin
Replenishes collagen stores and improves skin texture, leaving it feeling smooth, supple, and youthful to the touch

Firm and Bouncy Skin
Boosts collagen production and increases skin elasticity for firmer and younger-looking skin.


Why it matters?

Screens are our constant companions, but their blue light can steal your glow. Fight back with Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Collagen! This delicious jelly, packed with 1500mg collagen peptide, tackles wrinkles and dryness at the source. It's a beauty routine revolution for the modern you. Own your screen time, own your radiance.


Experience the transformative power of Jelly Boost Collagen as it nourishes your skin from within, all while enticing your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the clear-cut science behind its effectiveness, delivering visible results.

Micro-Optimised Marine Collagen
A clinically relevant dose of 1,500mg of Marine Collagen Peptides supports skin elasticity, and firmness, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Patented Absorption Technology
Scientific research and 3 international patents (Taiwan, Japan, China) back the formula, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness of key ingredients.

Synergistic Collagen Boost
Marine Collagen Peptides (1,500mg) provide the building blocks, while Vitamin C (50mg) optimises their conversion for enhanced collagen production.

We heard you!

Level up your daily wellness with the all-new JellyBoost Bundle! Stock up on your favourite Kinohimitsu Jelly Boost Collagen, Lutein, and DHM in one convenient pack.

Nourish your skin, eyes, and overall health – every single day!

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Who Should Take JellyBoost Collagen?

  • Digital Buffs: Those glued to screens, like coders and designers, keen on shielding their skin from blue light’s toll
  • Skincare and Natural look Aficionados: Fans of a subtle look, prioritising a glowing, healthy base over makeup
  • Wellness Advocates: Folk prioritising health, drawn to low-cal, clean-label products enriching their wellbeing
  • People on-the-go: Busy millennials and Gen Zers after swift skincare solutions fitting their packed lives
  • Gym Devotees: Health and looks-conscious individuals, including regular gym visitors, valuing collagen for both skin and joints
  • Night Birds: Late-night workers or partiers facing skin care challenges due to their nocturnal habits
  • Sensitive Skin Types: Individuals seeking gentle hydration and barrier support to ease dryness and sensitivity
  • Mature Crowd: Older adults looking to boost collagen for firmer skin and fewer lines the enjoyably fun way
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