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Size: 15 g x 15 sachets: 1 Box (15's)

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We're all familiar with spending endless hours glued to our screens, and our eyes could use a break from that digital overload. With Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Lutein, you can enjoy a classic lychee jelly stick while giving your eyes a much-needed boost. Feel refreshed and nostalgic with every bite, and cut down on eye strain, fatigue, and dryness caused by relentless blue light emissions from our digital devices. Enriched with the antioxidant, AstaREAL® astaxanthin that helps reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and supporting overall eye health, this handy on-the-go jelly stick delivers a daily dose of Lutein from marigold extracts, enhancing blood flow and keeping your eyes in top form, precisely when you need it most. Whether it's in between meetings or classes, during those precious vision breaks, or while traveling, grab this healthy snack and give yourself and your eyes the care they deserve. 

  • Screen Saviour: Nourish your eyes with the Blue Light Blocker Protection
  • Smart Snack: Enriched AstaREAL® astaxanthin to manage oxidative stress, inflammation and age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Low Cal: Only 16 kcal, packed with benefits
  • On-the-Go Convenience: Single-serve jelly sticks fit seamlessly into your busy life
  • Enjoyable: Fun Lychee jelly without a fishy aftertaste
  • Innovative: Backed by 3 international patents (Taiwan, Japan, China)
  • Pure and Natural: Free from artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives
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Marigold Extract (contains Lutein & Zeaxanthin) 81mg, Bilberry Extract 15mg, Red Algae Astaxanthin 5mg, Vitamin E 5mg, Mixed Fruit Juice, Elderberry Extract, Wolfberry Extract

Recommended Use For Best Result

Boost your day with Jelly Boost Lutein: kickstart your morning with a burst of energy, stave off hunger with a convenient snack, or indulge in a guilt-free treat to satisfy late-night cravings.

Store your Jelly Boost in a cool, dry place and for extra refreshment, enjoy it chilled.

Size: 15 g x 15 sachets: 1 Box (15's)

Product information

Enjoy Kinohimitsu JellyBoost and See the Difference!

JellyBoost Lutein is the delicious revolution for your vision! This innovative jelly works like eye care, offering a powerful and portable solution to combat the challenges of our digital age so you can experience the world in vibrant detail!

Ease eye strain: Acts as a natural shield, reducing eye strain and fatigue commonly experienced after extended screen time.

Soothe dry eyes: The innovative technology ensures optimal absorption of key ingredients, allowing lasting moisture and soothing relief for dry eyes.

Enhance vision clarity: AstaREAL® astaxanthin focuses on blood flow for optimal eye function for a clearer view.

Blue Light Shield: Lutein acts as a shield guarding your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light emitted from digital devices.

Overall eye care: Incorporating JellyBoost Lutein into your daily routine can contribute to long-term eye health and well-being in the face of inescapable screen time.

Better visual acuity: Experience sharper vision and improved focus, allowing you to perform your best both digitally and in the real world.


Why It Matters?

Everyday, our eyes put in overtime filtering out all that blue light from screens. All this non-stop exposure can leave us feeling drained, with tired eyes and worrying about our long-term vision. Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Lutein has you covered, giving you that fun, easy and enjoyable way to supplement your eyes and see the world a whole lot better.


Kinohimitsu JellyBoost Lutein leverages cutting-edge science for results you can see. Enhanced with patented ingredients and innovative technology working in synergy to protect your eyes from harmful blue light and promote optimal eye health.

Oxidative Eye Stress Management
With powerful ingredients: Lutein and AstaREAL® astaxanthin, which combat oxidative stress in the eyes, reducing the risk of damage and supporting overall eye health.

AMD Management Power
This natural antioxidant from marigold extracts, specifically targeting the macula (central vision area) of the eye and manages age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by protecting your eyes from harmful blue light damage, preventing digital eye strain, and supporting overall eye health.

Visual Acuity Enhancement
The Bilberry Extract in JellyBoost Lutein enhances visual acuity, supporting sharper vision and better overall eye function.

We heard you!

Level up your daily wellness with the all-new Jelly Boost Bundle! Stock up on your favourite Kinohimitsu Jelly Boost Collagen, Lutein, and DHM in one convenient pack.

Nourish your skin, eyes, and overall health – every single day!

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Who Should Take JellyBoost Lutein?

  • Office Workers, Students, Digital Natives and Gamers: Long screen hours lead to eye strain and fatigue.
  • Frequent Travelers: Varied lighting conditions affect eye comfort.
  • Elderly Individuals: Susceptible to age-related eye issues.
  • Contact Lens Wearers: Screen time exacerbates lens discomfort
  • Social Enthusiasts: Extended social media use strains eyes.
  • Binge-watchers: Long viewing sessions strain eyesight.
  • Pill Averse: Prefer alternative forms of supplementation.
  • Health-conscious Snackers: Transitioning to healthier snacking habits
  • Non-tablet/pill takers who needs better eye care
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Digital Age Eye Care
Freedom to Live Brightly
Freedom to See Clearly
Digital Age Eye Care
Freedom to Live Brightly
Freedom to See Clearly
Digital Age Eye Care
Freedom to Live Brightly
Freedom to See Clearly