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Truths Series: Men Must Take Collagen Too

Truth Series 3: Discover how men's collagen needs are unique and how it impacts different life stages.

Collagen, the silent hero behind our body's scenes, is more than skin-deep. It's like the blueprint holding everything together—our skin, bones, and more—ensuring they stay tough and flexible. This protein fights off everyday wear and tear. When it comes to skin and joints, collagen is the key player, ensuring they're connected, elastic and pain-free. Even our bones rely on collagen; it's their building blocks, keeping them sturdy and resistant. Think of collagen as the best friend of our tendons and ligaments, making our movements smooth and effortless.

So, while it has not steal the spotlight for most of men’s wellness priorities, collagen is the body's master architect, silently ensuring our vitality and strength, from our skin to our bones. 

Men's Collagen Needs: A Unique Perspective

Men's collagen needs differ significantly owing to hormonal variations and genetic factors. Men’s skin is just organically thicker. It is attributed to higher testosterone levels, that makes gives their skin a rougher feel and thicker hair follicles. They also have have higher collagen density, resulting in delayed signs of aging, showcasing greater skin firmness and elasticity. 

But ladies, don’t fret. Nature is fair, when it comes to oil production, men have increased sebum production that leads to naturally oilier skin and larger pores. Skin moisture is hard retained too because of this, resulting to deeper wrinkles and ageing lines. 

With these unique characteristics of men's skin, understanding that their needs for the ever-exclusive collagen also evolves across life stages:

Twenties: Life on Turbo

Alright, twenties—engine revving, life’s on turbo mode. Parties, adventures, and some crazy work hours? You're there. But behind the scenes, collagen's at its peak, right on your side. Hold that thought though, those wild nights, long hours? They leave a mark. Collagen's holding strong, but taking a few mental notes.

Thirties: Balance & New Hustles

Hello thirties! The balancing act kicks in. Careers soaring, family goals—just rolling with the punches. Late nights are dialling back and collagen is silently shifting gears—depleting slowly.

Prime Years: Top Gear, Baby!

Prime time! Forties and fifties—you're still the boss. But wait, collagen's playing the long game here. It’s like a friend who’s been quietly fading backstage. Andropause, yeah, that's the stage now. Joints feel the mileage, skin's waving a few more lines. 

Silver Years: Wisdom & Collagen Love

Silver fox mode! Sixties and beyond, wisdom's got your back. But collagen? It's been taking a backseat, mate. Andropause’s whispers louder now. Skin's lost a bit of its bounce, joints hinting at life's journey. 

Collagen's Impact on Men's Wellness

Understanding these distinctions underscores the significance of collagen in men's wellness. Kinohimitsu Collagen Men is a pioneer liquid collagen formulated for men. It’s a powerhouse formula packed with bioactive collagen peptides, vitamins, and minerals. Whether it's reviving that youthful vibe in your prime or easing into life's changes later on, this formula's got the script to match every stage.

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men isn't just for the A-listers; it's for every guy chasing dreams. It's more than just great skin and flexible joints; it's about powering your entire wellness journey. With skin resilience, joint flexibility, and overall vitality in its arsenal, it's the ultimate partner to have in your corner.

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