Combo Set: Detox Enzyme 30's + KilosCut 30's

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Contains 30 sachets x 10 g

Kinohimitsu KilosCut is made up of high quality proprietary blend of slimming ingredients, probiotics and prebiotic that promote weight loss and fitness naturally. It fits perfectly into a hectic lifestyle and can be taken anywhere, whilst assisting to curb cravings and burn calories.


Detox Enzyme

Contains 30 Sachets x 14 g

A concentrated plant-based enzyme blend that is made with health in mind. Careful selection of 75 fruits & vegetables are fermented for 365 days using a unique proprietary process to produce digestive enzymes of superior bioavailability that aid in digestion and nutrient absorption. Proper digestion supports healthy intestinal environment thus keeping the bowel movements regular and detoxifying the body!


Detox Enzyme
Raspberry Powder, Sorbitol, Multienzyme Complex* (fermentation enzyme of 75 types of fruit & vegetable), Magnesium Sulphate, Maltodextrin, Roselle Extract, Calcium Phosphate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Blackcurrant Powder, Sucralose, Tara Gum, Papain, Bromelain.

Wheat Dextrin (NUTRIOSE®), PI2XlimTM (a proprietary blend of Tea Blossom Extract, Potato Protein Extract and Oat Fibre), Inulin, Peach Powder, Sorbitol, Garcinia Cambogia, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Bifidobacterium longum, Sucralose, Green Coffee Bean Powder

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