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Guide to CNY Delicacies and Must-Have Treats

Celebrate Lunar New Year with iconic & convenient treats! From ready-made bird's nest to pineapple tarts & mochi ice cream, find festive bites for all tastes!

The Lunar New Year is a time for joy, family gatherings, and indulging in delicious festive treats. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what to include in your celebration. Fear not! We've curated a guide to the most iconic and convenient delicacies to elevate your Lunar New Year feast, from traditional favourites to modern twists.

1. Ready-Made Bird's Nest: A Symbol of Prosperity and Health

Why It's Essential: Bird's nest is revered for its cultural significance and numerous health benefits, making it a luxurious and auspicious addition to any Lunar New Year celebration.

Convenience: Ready-made options eliminate the time-consuming preparation process, allowing you to focus on enjoying the festivities.

Perfect for All Ages: Its delicate flavour and nourishing properties make it a welcome treat for both young and old.

Serving Suggestion: Serve chilled as a refreshing welcome drink or incorporate it into desserts for an extra touch of elegance.


2. Ready-to-Eat Abalone: A Culinary Gem for Abundance

Symbol of Prosperity: Abalone's round shape and golden hue symbolise wealth and abundance, making it a cherished Lunar New Year delicacy.

Elevated Dining Experience: Abalone adds a touch of sophistication to any meal, whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into dishes.

Convenience: Ready-to-eat abalone, often accompanied by a flavourful sauce, is a convenient option for busy families.

Serving Suggestion: Serve as a standalone appetiser, add to stir-fries or noodles, or create elegant abalone porridge.


3. Pineapple Tarts: Bite-Sized Bliss

Cultural Tradition: Pineapple tarts are synonymous with the Lunar New Year, representing good luck and prosperity.

Savoury & Sweet: Their buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pastry and sweet pineapple filling are a crowd-pleaser.

Variety: From traditional open-faced tarts to enclosed ones, there's a pineapple tart for every taste.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy with tea or coffee, or simply as a sweet treat throughout the day.

4. Bakkwa: A Savoury Tradition

Festive Aroma: The smoky scent of bakkwa signals the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

Variety of Flavours: From classic to spicy or even honey-glazed, bakkwa caters to diverse palates.

Gifting Tradition: Bakkwa makes an excellent gift for friends and family.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy as a snack, pair with rice or porridge, or incorporate into creative dishes.

5. Mochi Ice Cream: A Modern Twist

Cultural Fusion: Mochi ice cream blends the traditional Japanese rice cake with creamy ice cream, offering a delightful fusion treat.

Variety of Flavours: From matcha and red bean to chocolate and strawberry, there's a flavour for everyone.

Convenience: Easy to serve and perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your celebration.

Serving Suggestion: Serve as a fun dessert to end your meal on a sweet note, or offer as a refreshing snack during the day.

This Lunar New Year, make your celebrations truly special with these delightful treats that not only satisfy your taste buds but also bring luck, prosperity, and joy to your family and friends. Whether you're hosting a grand feast or enjoying a cosy gathering, these delicacies will add a touch of tradition and deliciousness to your festivities.


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